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Eminem Raps with Ariana Grande's Manchester Concert Bombing and Justin Bieber with New Track


Eminem, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber

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Eminem He's never been as distant as a person to talk to himself in music. His new rap "Kick Off" definitely is no different.

The final track of Rapper is on Friday night and is a 11-minute freestyle that includes drugs, sex, raptors and other NSFW issues. Bertso video in Detroit, Mich. -Ko shot in San Andres Hall VarietyHis rap rap had a lot of struggles at the beginning. Eminem calls her "stomping reasons old" in her Instagram video.

Eminem prefers the video to fight with war rap. He and Royce Da 5 & # 39; 9 " It means "the main goal is to destroy, altogether with f", your opponent eliminated anything and everything, whatever f you can to get a crowd reaction. So there's nothing beyond the bounds. "

The message was loud and clear. The first verse was mentioned in Machester, England, on May 22, the bombing of 2017 Ariana Grande concert

In the midst of the verse, he says: "Sinking between a clay machine / Like an Islamic regime, jihadist extreme radical / Suicide bomber is watching / Ariana Grande sings the last song of the afternoon / And curse viewers. Concert went out / Squeezed in his abdominal region it destroys the device. "

In the same verse, a woman compares Jada Pinkett Smith. He said: "This little boy is as hot as Jada Pinkett. / And I just looked at / thought / said," Maybe we should get married. "

Justin Bieber was not one of the other researchers who did not hurt Eminem's rape. In verse three, Eminem says, "Justin Bieber in a Catholic school / Dust and sell your back when you're back / No your speaker adapted."

They are among other great freestyle names Reese Witherspoon, Ric Flair and potentially Christina Aguilera. Eminem refers to a "Christina" and is probably a "Beautiful" singer, because one of them is a checkered one of the past and explores the letters that talk about "Christina".

Eminem has created some glasses in other songs and albums. Its latest version Kamizake He created some controversies after making a homofobic wizard Tyler, creator While rapping about the used profanities president Donald Trump.

In addition, the artist "No Fear" and "Dance" went back and forth Machine Gun Kelly. Eminem shot the "Bad Things" singer, and immediately responded in response.

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