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Endgame & # 39; Theory Says Doctor Strange Actually Say Did Time Stone

Then Avengers: Endgame Theories, the concept of time is often played. Time to time handling and other time of use of Time Stone, many of Marvel fans are surely sure how to save heroes for the day

However, depending on fan theory, it may already be. A new one endgame According to the theory, Doctor Strange already used Time Stone Avengers: Infinity War and all this will be different.

Based on Reddit, the theory suggests that Future Doctor Strange was looking forward to seeing possible outcomes of the situation, what he actually did was a Astral form in the future, eventually appearing in Tony and finally driving Thanos' victory. Redditor offers some options on how it works. First of all, Thanos sees that Time Stone is somewhat unimportant, because the astral shadow of the stroke binds the stone owner. This idea gives curious strange time to address Tony and fix things. Another idea to work in astral form would be a limited amount of time in the future, which is why Strange stayed in the Titans. He bought his astral spirits to help the heroes.

We have to admit, there are a lot of theories that exist for a long time, this is quite interesting. He also suggested other theories that he had suggested for Strange Titan – Scott would be at Quantum Realm this time. Of course, this theory gives Quantum Realm a great deal of importance and the opportunities offered.

Without a doubt, there is always Strange's theory of what he did for some time, just like the end of the 2016 solo movie. In theory, some fans think that Jon Spaihts had done a scriptwriter for three years. .

"I'm proud of one of the sequels, and what you see on the first sketch was not very different," he said. "I was able to go back to the end of the project and we could do more work to bring the movie home and it's still better. But I think the idea has come in the Kevin Feige room to find out how this last battle was taking place, and Kevin looked forward to Agamotto's look and the role played by the great universe of film design, based on extravagant manipulation. Kevin Then said: "Can not you catch it in time?" And he wrote the sequence that you see. "

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Avengers: Endgame will open on April 26. Other MCU films are included this year Captain Marvel March 8th and Spider-Man: Far From Home July 5th.

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