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Epic Games Fortnite answers complaints about the Xbox One S package

Epic Games bought an Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle update after a number of fans, the company falsely announced what it was.

Fortnite Users who bought the problem that surrounds the Xbox One S Package have noticed that the text box that came with a bundle was said to have included the download of a "full game" code, but the code was Battle Royale only for download for free. Save the World mode is not included.

Postek r / XboxOne's great traction was reported by the users, who announced false announcement of what Epic / Microsoft is about to sell. Reddit's post "The Xbox One Fortnite package comes with a "full game" w / 2000 vbucks, which is why it is announced, but it does not cover the whole game. Literally free download is already available for the game. (Battle Royale) What's up with Microsoft / Epic? It was the front page of the subnetwork.

The text of the ads that are included here is a look at the "Full Game + Game Add Ons".

Epic Games has responded to users' complaints and all users who buy and charge the Eon Cosmetic Bundle Bundle will receive free Save the World in Fortnite.

Additionally, Epic says those who have claimed the Eon Bundle, but those who bought the Save the World will add 2,000 V Bucks in their accounts.

Complete response to Epic Games:

Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle's messenger was not clear, so those who bought the series will save the world Save freely.

We will give identification to the players claiming the Eon Series and they will have access to Save the World their accounts. We will also make sure that the future players of the Eon range promise to make progress in the Save the World.

If you have purchased Save the World and have claimed the Eon Bundle, we will add 2,000 additional V-Bucks.

We want to be a step forward shortly to receive a fair amount of rights.

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