Wednesday , July 6 2022

Episode 8 – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind


As expected, Golden Wind waited for the door behind Guido Mista's back, the story of Abbacchio a few weeks ago. Young Mista seemed like Phoenix Wright's fatherhood, and lived a rude life (always evident that he lifted his shirt to show his abs) until his sexual assault was stopped until the day he stopped, the attackers did not miss. He acted as a fate, killed men and entered the same way as the noble crime of other heroes. I do not think this flashback is pretty much like I'm just like Abbacchio, I am delighted to see how the show will be directed to new members of the Giorno Team. When they first came in, I felt that they were some misfortunes, but now it is clear that their goals and identities are better than I am willing to give credit.

We will immerse ourselves in two parts of Mista's Bizarre Adventure adventure, as we will become Mario Zucchero's partner, Sale. The episode has quite a bit of speed, over a truck that runs over a truck, when a bend is over, we can not catch a break from our heroes or villains. Sale of Stand is Kraft Work, and its ability to freeze objects in place, so that the opponent's hand may be stuck to an object or a bullet. In the event of a fatal accident, a boy thinks he's really hurried off, but he'll shoot his enemy at once.

Covered with Mista's backstory, it is sensible that Sex Pistols hopping 4 number due to bad luck. I came to become a single-character star, but everything about Mist is defined by chance and luck. Much of the suspense of this episode comes from superstition, when there are four planes left in its darkness for an hour in the dark. If you thought of logic, of course, we thought four were better than three, but the show stopped and said: "But there are four bad news." You have to play somewhat with him.

Speed ​​comparison really gets my imagination JoJo thinks he's doing live action (too, too, I know), especially now, the series & # 39; cast & # 39; They are usually adults with a higher proportion. I love the same elements that you can watch in the same movie of the same action they get. Hollywood's nothing is strange or exciting. I started the gore-sock when the Mistakes finally get this shot and it pushes the ball that is already present in the Sale's brain. There's no suspicion right now when you're smart to wait for your feet to fall and kill. Da staging really above all the curiosities that cheer me up.

Until now, Gold Hunting seems to all I do not like. Emotions have been very trustworthy, and the aspects that I have prepared for the passion for most gangs have really come true. Still there are still some nonsense to be sorted and understood, but everything has been very dirty and entertaining, as long as I'm still on the route. Maybe all of these battlefields will fade away as far as the season goes by, but I'm doing so until now.

Rating: A

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