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Erik Karlsson returns to Ottawa to meet his teammates


Erik Karlsson got into a well-known territory on Friday afternoon and took a big smile.

"It's a close time," she said with a laugh.

On Saturday, the Ottawa Senator ship captain will be four seasons at the Canadian Tire Center. His first visit to San Jose sharks in September.

After losing 5-3 with Toronto Maple Leafs, Karlsson and Sharks arrived after Thursday afternoon, arriving from Thursday to Thursday at the Minto Sports Complex at Otto University.

San Jose Shark, Erik Karlsson, denied the ten fans who attended Ottawa Sports Facilities University on Friday with his first team, Ottawa Senators, on the Canadian Chess Cup, on Saturday. His jacket came out on his head when he got out of the bus.

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"We got yesterday. It feels normal," Karlsson said. "I was at home. We skated here today. Maybe when it was skinny at CTC, it might be a little bit different.

"I feel pretty, I'm a little apprehensive, and, of course, it's a bit different. I slept at home, so it was nice."

Of course, Karlsson was one of the last players on ice at 2:03 p.m. and the rest of the sharks players decorated with sticks to welcome the old home.

Karlsson gathered a number of local media to discuss what they were doing to deal with former team members. Senators fans will make an amazing echo again, what will be expected in a runway sold out.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson practiced in Ottawa's sports facility against his first team against Ottawa Senator on Saturday in the Canadian Shooting Chain.

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"The time we all knew came and I had to be there," said Karlsson. "It will be very nice to be here, and that's why we'll do it. After that, I think it'll be relaxing, because we're not going back for another year.

"From that moment on, I'll just enjoy it at this moment or not, I'm not very sure."

Asked if he had any questions, Karlsson said quickly: "None. I had a very good time here. I was here, a young boy and my whole life here. I've created everything I have here and here's about people.

"I love it. I have been very enjoyable. Looking back, I do not think I would change anything. I am today and that's why I'm grateful."

Daniel Alfredsson returned to Ottawa in 2013, after Detroit Red Wings and Karlsson recalled that day. After completing the media, Alfredsson went to the Rockcliffe home to visit a family.

"When I was here I came back. The situation is different, there has been a lot more here and its career in a different stage," Karlsson said. "He helped. I see a bit from his point of view and how he managed things. He helped me a little bit.

"I was young at that time. I do not remember half. That's how it was and I remember it. So I can see it, so it will benefit."

When Karlsson decided in September, the organization determined before the end of the last trading period. An 8-year-old 88 million dollar offer was offered on July 1, and the Senate received little or no response from his camp.

San Jose Shark Erik Karlsson was practiced in Ottawa Sports Facilities University against his first team against Ottawa Senators for the first time on Saturday at the Tire Center of Canada. Picture of Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia

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Many believe that Karlsson wanted a new exit.

"I do not compare anything, so it's hard to say. It's probably been possible," said Karlsson. "We're a great team, I've tried everything well and I try to make it as easy as possible.

"At the same time, I have been focused on what we can do as part of the hockey team, in terms of travel and lifestyle, it is very different and it will be easier and easier over time. I get excitement and experience in the next chapter of my life."

Karlsson was not in a good organization with the decision in September, but the club concluded that, as long as it was not signed here.

Changing Karlsson landscape was not easy. He fought consistently with San Jose in the first 15 games of uniform, and those who watched the team said they had just started playing. He is moving towards all his stars.

San Jose Shark, Erik Karlsson, (R) laughed Barclay Goodrow here as he was performing at Ottawa's athletics facility before his first team against Ottawa Senatore, his first game on Saturday at Canadian Tire Center.

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Mark Stone's replacement will not be easy for Karlsson.

"Erik was, after all, the best, if not the best here to play here," said Stone after skateboarding club. "For her, she will be quite emotional and quite emotional, you realize that she is playing for five years very quickly.

"It will be different with her. I think everyone is glad in the game, but they are surprised.

Yes, Saturday will flash.

"After all, they're playing both teams and it's not leaving our team out," Stone said. "Because (Karlsson), it will be much different than us".

Karlsson is not sure how to react to the people.

"This is one of those things I know and I know it's going to happen at any time," Karlsson said. "I will try and enjoy. I do not have much memory and I do not create any more.

"Tomorrow the evening will be another great memory".

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