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Eurovision: Iceland Hatari collects a nasty Israeli contest

Hatari team members Klemens Hannigan (L), Einar Hrafn Stefansson, Klemens Hannigan and Matthias Tryggvi Haraldsson (R)Copyright image
Lilja Jonsdottir

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Hatar's "dystopian techno" has liked Iceland's young and old

Icelanders are crazy about Eurovision, with its kitsch glamor and saccharine music.

The collective groups of the group that want to send to the competition in Tel Aviv in May are far from the mainstream world of love and the letter of love and unity.

Hatari is called an Icelandic, meaning "Hater", his letters are stingy.


Hatred will prevail … and the heart of Europe will be sharpened.
He smokes his lies. Well, the conflict … increased in unity

Reykjavik played on masks and corners on stage, singing a message against capitalism that won the Icelandic national Eurovision competition.

Iceland's self-proclaimed "techno-dystopian" band, who loved the youngsters and the elderly, along with Matthias Tryggvi Haraldsson, danced the atmosphere around the red blood.

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These children of Reykjavik have joined the new Hatar fans

"Our feelings are a great respect for our country, our country's chosen project, which brings us a step closer to our plan to destroy capitalism," he said on national television after their great victory.

The boys dropped their masks, chains and platform boots with industrial-techno band, Gothic style.

Their young fans also began to sing the dark words.

Parents joined the trick to buy gears that traveled around Reykjavik, so that their kids could dress Hatari on Ash Wednesday, for Halloween version of Iceland.

Targeting Israel

Hatari is not just a privilege against capitalism.

The entry into the competition is said to be a political declaration against the Israeli government, although the song has no reference to Israel. The contest will be held in Tel Aviv, the Israeli won Netta Barzilai last year.

When I know Hatari, they talk warmly, politely and well – and, unlike the theater, they are wearing blue shoes covered with a logo of a soft drink company called SodaDream.

Although it's a website, there is no such drink in Iceland. This, however, is the sarcastic reference of the company SodaStream last year that PepsiCo bought.

Also, oddly enough, the bands Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu challenges the central Kurdish-Indian Tel Aviv.

Israeli Palestinian policies are critically tedious and it is absurd to allow the country to participate in the competition.

The critics question why Hatari decided to make Eurovision and argue that his message of hate is little to the Palestinians.

Some Icelanders think he should boycott the Icelandic public station.

"Criticism is understandable and we are pleased to see a serious debate about competition policy," says Matthias.

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Who are Hatari?

Hatari members should know one or two things about diplomacy.

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Lilja Jonsdottir

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The group has joined with talented dancers and choreographers

  • Einar Hrafn Stefansson is a spiky leather pet battery, the Iceland Ambassador resided in London and became a member of the negotiation committee for Iceland to be a member of the European Union.
  • Klemens Hannigan Nikulas is the son of Hannigan, head of the Foreign Office's Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • Matthias Tryggvi Haraldsson's singer is Iceland

Created by Hannigan and Haraldsson, Hatar's premiere in 2015 underground music scene. A group of talented dance and choreographers, as well as an artist and graphic designer, are described as "multimedia performance performance".

When they were asked about what their song was saying, they said "Hate Precedents believe us, it is a dystopia, about power over reflection and power, hope and hope.

"The dark vision of the future is a warning to what we see as reality, if we do not love each other. Populism is growing in Europe."

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Guðmundur Atli

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Hatari has been a follower of all ages

Will they be forbidden?

Shurat HaDin, a group of Israeli campaigners called on the Israeli government to prevent the group from coming to terms with the law that refuses to enter the BDS movement, that is, Israel will boycott the Palestinian-led policies.

This may well happen. Eurovision rules are clear. The song contest is non-political and the violation of the rule "can result in disqualification".

Eurovision 2019 Dare to Dream logo


In the Eurovision Song Contest, there are no letters, talks, similar political, commercial or similar gestures "

According to Hatari, they do not have to make any inventions, it will bring a Palestinian flag staged. "We have no doubt because it is forbidden."

"Silence can be a political expression. The songs that will be made on the stage of Televien will increase the sensitivity of many people," says Klemens Harrigan.

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So how far can the non-political competition come? "The goal is to make Tel Aviv and win the Eurovision Song Contest," said Klemens Harrigan.

And they just can not. Hate Prevails is before the May competition. It will undoubtedly be the first place in Iceland, the second in 1999 and 2009.

The Israeli Prime Minister's challenge to fight for Tel Aviven fight, there is no answer to their offer.

"We understand that Netanyahu is a busy man, so we're sick," said Harrigan.

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