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Exoplaneta 179 Blue Light Eagle Has Its Water At Its Atmosphere


Plans that are outside of the solar system can not be seen for our telescopes, because the bright stars of these hosts are shining brightly. However, astronomers can detect exoplanets and even analyze their composition and atmospheres. According to a new study focused on 179 light years, scientists have found that the so-called exoplanet HR 8799 C has water in its environment.

HR 8799 Ck has HR 8799 stars, along with three other planets, such as HR 8799 B, D, and E respectively. However, HR 8799 C is one of these four exoplanets, a huge gas that is much larger than Jupiter seven times, the largest planet in our solar system.

Likewise, this exoplaneta has been lighting up in 179 light years. The discovery astronomers performed using the Keck Observatory and its latest technologies in exoplanet observations. This advanced telescope enabled scientists to obtain a new 8699 C HR review, initially discovered in 2008.

HR 8799 C Exoplanet 179 Away from the Urdaneta Light With Us Water At Its Atmosphere

"This type of technology [Keck Observatory] The task we want to use in the future is to use the Earth to look for signs of life on a similar planet. We are still not yet, but we are moving forward, "said Dimitri Mawet Caltech's astronomy professor and co-author of the JPL's new scientist and researcher.

"Right now, with Keck, we're telling you about the physics and dynamics of these exotic planets, like those of our solar system planets," said Ji Wang, chief author of research.

In relation to the exoplanet of HR 8799 C, Wang said scientists have "a lack of methane in order to find out more about this planet, because of the mix in the atmosphere of the planet, we can expect that methane may be on the surface, the convection process would become deeper layers of methane."

According to the study, we have been carrying 179 light years this exoplaneta has a water close to us. However, this world is not habitable.

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