Wednesday , May 18 2022

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The Ontario transport minister said that the TTC subway system is crowded and it is "sensible" that Richmond Hill provides a service line for a new sub-front.

Comments by Jeff Yurek are said by officials at Toronto, which is the main transport priority in the city, and the Ontario Progressive Conservative government will become the owner of the mobile metro system.

Last year, the City Council approved a line of relief that should be done before the proposed extension of Hwy's Third Line (Yonge-University-Spadina). Get into the York Regional 7 service.

Yurek did not commit to this decision and said there was no reason why the construction of both projects could not be followed at the same time, but said that the relief line was soon recognized as important.

"It is sensible. It is reasonable to ensure that the Yonge relief line is being implemented and that Yonge was built prior to extraction," he said in an interview in his office last week.

The first phase of the relief line would cost more than $ 6,800 million and Queen and Osgoode stations will be connected midway through Pape with Line 2 at the eastern end (Bloor-Danforth), with Line 1 pressure. Line 1 works on a regular basis and Yonge extension, which is sponsored by the PC's political allies in the York region, will add more pilots.

Yurek's Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP is on three occasions, and Doug Ford's surprise picked up at the shuffle cabinet in early November. Before that, Thomas Thomas, Ont. 47-year-old female pharmaceutical company was the government's natural resource minister.

Although Yurek maintains his home in the home, he drives TTC to Toronto. "He is very crowded, especially during the rush hour," he said. "I understand the need for improvement or relief."

Yurek was worried about the plans to expand the Durham, York and Peel city subway plans to talk to the Toronto Commerce Council last week, but did not mention the relief.

In the interview, the subject said that the underground property plan would take on a local territory, saying that "the system will not work, its best power" if these lines are overwhelmingly crowded.

Yurek also advocated a proposal to use the TTC subway to help the Government support Neighborhood neighborhoods in Toronto. Critics have argued that the GO Transit network, which is already historically owned, is designed to serve these regions.

After the subway, the province would mix TTC and GO networks to supply the Great Toronto and Hamilton Area. GO trains may work better in some contexts, he said, but in others, "it is sensible to build the feet on the bottom or bottom."

In accordance with the mandate given to the Special Government Adviser in the regime of the uprising, in addition to the subway system, the province is owned by a "Toronto strategic transition / other active means of transport" in Toronto.

Yurek would not reveal additional assets.

The Minister accused the Ontario NDP and TTC workers' unions to deny that the Progressive Conservatives intended to privatize the subway system. "I did not look at that," he said, this province is only more positioned than the city, planning, financing and building new underground lines, but leaving TTC operations.

The province plans to recharge plans for next year's next year, but Yurek said it would be a trading period before transferring assets.

On Thursday, the minister sent a letter to the Mayor, the Mayor of John Tory, to carry out a charging plan to access an agreement to share a province's written authorization for the city. The best way to protect the city's interests is to say that Tory's best way of protecting the city's interests, but the city's critics must surprise the province and do nothing to bring it to the province of the railway network. The Council wants to discuss a 13-year quote.

After winning the elections in June, the conservatives were subsequently inherited from expensive Liberal government funding projects. The cost of the new regime has led to an effort to save $ 15 million deficit, speculating that some of the planned new lines will be canceled, including Finch West LRT $ 1.2 million, which will open in the initial construction phase and in northwestern Toronto in 2023.

Yurek has said the Government is doing a major review of major projects, and it does not endorse Finch.

From January, Metrolinx spent 236.3 million dollars on linear rail and contracting companies from construction companies and vehicle suppliers are likely to be financially expensive by the government. Yure said that Finch's decision would be a factor.

"We do not want to lose any money. We do not see taxpayers taking decisions," he said.

The conservatives presented Metrolinx Minister of Control, in 2006, as a provincial shield agency. The proposed changes will be followed by the postponement in 2017, then the Liberal Transport Minister Steven Del Duca interfered in the planning of Metrolinx to accept the acceptance of two politically sensitive GOs, including Vaughan's horseman.

Yurek explained the location of his hometown, 90 kilometers from the nearest IR line, slowly entering.

"You know, that's the best thing from Saint Thomas. I do not want to go to an IR station or a meter on my horse," he said.

Ben Spurr Toronto-based reporter covers transportation. Check it by email at [email protected] or follow Twitter at: @BenSpurr

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