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Explosion explodes the southeastern Calgary flour mill

An explosion broke windows in Calgary Wednesday afternoon.

Fire crews, EMS and police responded to the scene at 6:45 a.m., 4002 Bonnybrook Road S.E.

The police said the explosion occurred in the 10th.

Fourteen workers were being built at the time, and all were told.

No one was injured.

"Security was a concern, which is why the second alarm was called for this facility to obtain additional devices and resources to ensure that the building is being used to evacuate all the workers," said Batten Department Batt. The boss Bruce Gelhorn.

Gelder has said that there was a small fire in the building after several explosions, but at 8:10 p.m. it was under control. The damage to the floor was small, but there was no structural damage.

The cycling system is causing a blast, Gelhorn said.

ADM Milling Co. It appeared on that address. According to the company's website, the Calgary mill produces flour, bakery mixtures, and wheat germ.

Fire department Batt. Head Bruce Gelhorn said no-one injured an ADM Million Co explosion in the Southeast Calgary. (Anis Heydari / CBC)

The reason for the fire is unknown, Gelhorn said.

"Researchers have begun to investigate now, probably a few hours before, that we know exactly what happened after the explosion," he said yesterday.

A blast occurred at the ADM Milling Company in the south-east of Alyth / Bonnybrook / Manchester, Calgary. (Google Maps)

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