Wednesday , September 28 2022

Facebook harmonized data – New Companies


U.K. The Internal Facebook document published by the parliament committee clearly shows that the social network has used enormous user data as a competitive weapon, in ways that are kept in the dark by the user.

The media committee of the media accused Facebook of resolving applications to develop applications, which allowed potential data to be accessed by other potential enemies.

In other documents, company executives discussed how they kept the company's data collection and exploitation. It includes calls and text messages from the users of the Google Android operating system, without permission.

U.K. The commission released more than 200 document pages in the internal discussions of giant techs, about the value of personal information for users. While covering the period between 2012 and 2015, after three years of Facebook, when they made public, they offered a strange habit of operating within the company and, as long as the data of the public is used to raise money, while protecting privacy.

The company's critics have said that new revelations reinforce their concerns about how Facebook users treat it.

"These types of schemes are precisely why the companies we need to have are forced to explain the specific ways of collecting and sharing data, a tough punishment for companies that are lying about it," said Sen. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrats.

Facebook destroyed documents and said information is "the only part of the story".

"As a company, we included many interviews that we could build a sustainable business model for our platform," said the company in a statement. "But the facts are clear: we never sell people's data."

In a post on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg put documents in context. "Of course, we will not all of us develop in our platform," he wrote. "We've blocked a lot of sketchy apps, and we do not use developers to replicate our functionality in order to replicate our functionality or create a small value in Facebook when they grow their services."

The U.K. The Apps Six4Three application document has been set up by the Commission, the current bikini image search appliance creator. Six4Three has bought parts of a United States court to report abusive and contradictory business practices on Facebook. Documents U.S.

In the summary of the main issues related to the documents, the Commission exempted Facebook's "whitelisted" or "Airbnb and Netflix" exemptions, users' "friends" continued access, and the technology giant announced the changes in 2015 to complete the practice.

"Facebook has made it clear that it was the main agreements with certain companies, that they had access to their friends' information after the 2014/15 period," the commission said in a statement. "It is unclear whether there was anybody's consent, nor how Facebook decided to have a whitebill list."

The documents "Facebook uses user data processing, policies with developer applications and how they use their dominant position in the social media market," said board member Damian Collins. "We do not feel the correct answers to Facebook about these important issues, so we are releasing the documents."

Cache includes emails from Zuckerberg and key members of its employees. E-mail shows that Zuckerberg and other executives will exploit user data to identify threats and potential purchases.

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