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Facebook users still remain scandals of privacy

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Facebook users have made full privacy scandals and criticisms, even though they are toxic.

A huge giant in society has said that the number of people entering the month has increased by 9% last year to 2.32 million.

It seems that business scandals did not predict that advertisers demonstrated an increase of 30% in the previous year.

The rise was the push of the people to support the giant technology.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, said the company "has basically changed the way in which companies are focusing on the most important social issues."

Sound financial performance is continually concerned about how social media media manage personal data and privacy, analyzing Cambridge's data exchange scandal and using the network as a political tool.

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The company's shares have lost one-third of the value from July to July, because of the slowdown in income growth and the two-year decline.

But more than 9% jumped one-hour trade profits and profits after analysts' profit forecasts.

The total profit for 2018 on Facebook was $ 22.1bn (£ 16.9bn), up 39% until 2017.

User growth was particularly strengthened in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, but in the USA and Canada.

George Salmon, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said revenue in the last three months of 2012 was a steady growth in 2012, the weakest since it was listed in US stock exchanges, but the figures were still "soothing."

"Mark Zuckerbergen's plan for flipping over Facebook is a long way to reclaim trust in Mark Street. Analysts were astonished after a tumult in 2018, including Cambridge analytical trials and tribulations – the scandal and strategy reset," he added. .

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