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Facebook will shut down its controversial research project to market its iOS

Facebook will end the controversial marketing research program because it violates the Apple developer's guidelines for collecting volunteer phone user data. The company said on Wednesday Wednesday the Facebook research application offers a $ 20 gift card of $ 13 to $ 35 a month for volunteers to not have access to mobile phone data in iOS. Android apparently will remain available soon.

TechCrunch On Tuesday, the company announced that the gift card has been paid between 13 and 35 years old on Facebook, to install the iOS and Android application. The app track cell phone and web activity and sends it to Facebook for market research.

Before collecting Facebook similar data using Onavo Protect, he bought the VPN service in 2013. The company has used competing identifiers for subsequent acquisition or cloning. Facebook removed the app from the App Store last year because Apple reportedly breached the App Store's instructions for data collection.

Research applications require users to install a custom root certificate, allowing Facebook access to user's private messages, emails, web browsing, and browsing activities. Apple's system-level functionality violates employers' access to work-related devices. This policy allows the developer to install certificates on client phones.

In an expression, Facebook was opposed to some parts TechCrunchReport

"The key keys to this market research program are excluded," the company said. "Despite the early reports, there was nothing" secret "about this: they were literally called the Facebook Research App. It was not" spying ", all people signing up with the participation requested permission and paid for the packing, They made a clear process. In the end, less than 5% of the people selected to participate in this market research program were teenagers, all of which signed the form of parental consent. "

The company also rejected the replacement of Facebook Research Onavo, although applications were not similar.

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