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Fallout 76 game developers have found a room for the game

Few players Fallout 76 In the game he found a secret game where Bethesda Softworks develops as a huge tool for developers. The "developer room" has all the things that it can play, as well as high-level weapons, special items and an NPC, including things that are sitting in the room. failures test dummy Emma Kent was in the room EurogamerHe was sent to Reddit by posting messages, but it was discovered by the players who talked about the discourse for a week.

Picture of Fallout 76 Ads
credit // Bethesda Softworks

If you are the type of courage who does not give anything about the curse Fallout 76 At this point, you can use the video below to locate the room and try yourself. However, you have your own responsibility, because Bethesda was not able to access the room without the right access. In every way, it seems that knowing that there is a secret room in the game that you do, everything you want to do is go against the rules.

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