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Family issues, work on the table, requiring the RCAF exodus pilot of the fighters


The British Air Force CF-18 Hornet fighter pilot Canadian 4 Wing Cold Lake descends to the Kuwaite line of the Kuwaiti Airways, following the first mission on Iraq after the IMPACT of the Opera on October 30, 2014.

Canadian Forces Cameraman

The last report on the pilot fighters that left the Royal Canadian Air Force on the Auditor General exploded.

One of the claims made in the social media was the pilot, because the Canadian Government did not buy new fighters, specifically F-35.

F-35 Manufacturers Lockheed Martin looks like a superb marketing job and fits Glee with the F-35.

Sadly, reality sometimes fakes false claims.

RCAF commander Lt.-Gen. Al Meinzinger explained to the Parliament members the real reason behind the recent rioters' fighters.

"Without a doubt, the opinion of those who are releasing is a family, it is a challenge for the family," Meinzinger told the Public Accounts Commission. "Ops tempo, there is a dimension to balance work life, to predict the geographical position, and then usually the fifth or sixth, they are about financial payments."

"We will find that if there is no level of predictability and positive career to face this individual, we often find individuals," Meinzinger said. "They arrive at the point where they think they would not want to limit themselves to the future, or we ask them to find a place where their family would not have their origin."

Another factor is that some fighter fighters are not happy to administer jobs. They want to continue flying "We find many people often to go to the residence and against aircraft that do not want to work in an office," said RCAF commander. "We know this and we respect it, but this conversation, which must occur in the margin, before we force someone to move, is very important."

There is no mention of Canada F-35 or any other new fighter.

Location geographic location is included in retention issues that affect RCAF's other organizations.

The federal government will create a new Ottawa excellence center for aircraft examinations, a Canadian Aerospace Engineering Testing Agency or AETE, a Cold Lake High. Since 1971 According to the new AETE plan, Ottawa would travel to the international airport and join the Aerospace Service of the Canadian Research Laboratory and Transportation Aerospace Service National Council to create a flight analysis and assessment center for excellence.

AETE will save $ 14 million a year and will have a free space to get more Cold Lake fighters.

But defense officials at the back of the movement appeared in a different aspect earlier. This makes it harder for civilian researchers and trained help staffers to be attracted to Cold Lake and keep their transferred military personnel. Moving to reach a larger center, less isolated and where spouses can find employment, is expected to help with the organization's recruitment and retention problems.

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