Thursday , August 5 2021

Fast thinking for 6 years helps save my mother from cold ocean waters

Jax Burnside Crabbing was crabbing off her mom at the end of the dock at Colwood BC. The tragedy near the Victoria last weekend has almost happened, and its six-year-old hero instincts began to emerge.

The sun fell and the last catch of the day was Jax's mother, Shannon Burnside, who lost his foot and fell into cold water.

"It would go horribly without a word, it was terribly wrong," said Burnside.

He swam to the corner and started pulling himself. Lifestyle was wearing a jacket but a crab trap wounded around his leg, avoiding it from the water.

He tried to pull himself out of the box, he got into the instincts of Jax and captured his father's phone.

Siri, call Daddy & # 39;

"Siri told him to call 911 and did nothing, and then said" Siri, call Daddy, "he said.

When Jax realized that he did not go by phone with the phone, when he had received help.

"You can see legs in their legs," said Navy Grant Sawyer.

Shannon Burnside describes how Jax was born to get his son back. "He fell down, he went back and fell and went back and ran." (Luisa Alvarez / CHEK News)

"I saw a boy approaching a boy and he could ask for help," he said.

Sawyer quickly gathered and others began to hear the shouts of women.

"At that time [Sawyer] I did not leave anything, "Burnsid said.

Burnside lost his strength and drove into the dock.

In the forest he started to punch out to put it underneath.

Sawyer and another man burned at the door of Burnside, saw his magnificent signs, and returned to a ship aboard Jax and Jax, where he wiped dry clothes, warm blankets and hot cocoa.

Burnsid suffered cuts, bruises, and shoulder dislocation. He left the wife because the child had not been for her son.

"There is no way to extract water. You lose your motivation," he said.

Mom and son are already putting up the ups and downs that are taking place to bring more krabbing and fishing.

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