Friday , January 15 2021

Final Fantasy XIV Online Fan News Fan: FF15 Crossover Home Starting Date and More

Currently, on the 2nd of the Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Tokyo, Square Enix made announcements on Final Fantasy XIV Online, including the start date of the crossing event with Final Fantasy XV.

The previously announced event A Nocturne For Heroes was announced and will begin on April 16. Behind the show's producer Naoki Yoshida, "Letter From the Producer" was confirmed behind the events. The event takes Final Fantasy XV gear and items to FFXIV, including the first mountain of the four players in the game. You guessed it, the mount is Regalia, the car that drives the FFXV's main character. The rest of the items are FFXV theme gear and game hairstyles.

In other news, Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy XIV 4.56, called "Requiem for Heroes Part 2", to launch shortly. On Tuesday, March 26, the Patch is 4.57. The new World Travel System starts on April 23.

You can see the full schedule of the most relevant dates in the chart below, which includes all the major procedures published by Shadowbringers (July 2 or June 28 Early Access).

Yoshida and Banri Oda responded to many questions about the world's leading writer and creator. You can see the screen here Twitch again.

On Fan Fest 1 yesterday it also brought great news, including Shadowbringers's next race, a new raid, more screens and a new trailer, get all the details here.

Keep up-to-date with GameSpot to see more from Fan Fest, Monday and Monday, including the gallery of the best toys we have seen. Outreach: Square Enix has paid for and booked the GameSpot flight in Tokyo.

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