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Final Score and Reconstruction: Raptors hangs on OT section at Warriors, 131-128


It's a tired talk point, but that's not true: the Raptors-Warriors game, although it's two full-fledged forces, does not mean much if it happened on November 29. Six months have elapsed since the two games of the two teams are really important in the next game, and they only get to the NBA finals.

However, he said: at the end of the special games Raptors won 131-128 wins against Warriors, despite being with Steph Curry and Draymond Green, and despite a significant context. Sometimes we can enjoy one thing for a moment. Especially, turning a new page feels like a straightforward magic fairy tale – rather than a dull reality. Instead, it becomes a story we can repeat, and all those involved make pumpkins (however long they will take it).

In the jump, it was clear that Raptors was ready to make a loud statement. Toronto coach Nick Nurse on a leather paisley jacket on the ground (Sager Night's Homage), and his team took on the jury in bright lights and began a show. Kawhi Leonard made a spectacular start, the speedy dungeon of Pascal Siakam and the usual behavior of Kyle Lowry. At the end of the day, with Toronto, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson with other world-class talents, Toronto scored nine points.

During the night of the most successful acts of Raptors, the nightclub, Durant's defense crushing game or ballooning directly at the cart, was Kawhi. It is a repetitive item, but Toronto remains the main protagonist. This night, according to the incredible pressure of Warriors, Leonard has made 37 shots of 14 shots (total, from 3 to 6), 37 points, three three bounces, three with support and the stellar defense. Kevin Durant did the opposite with 51 points, with 11 returns and six supporters, but it was not possible to shoot the entire shot – Leonard (and Siakam, and Serge Ibaka, and the whole Raptors team).

Tell all, Leonard could have been another game, a long season, but he definitely wanted to show it. A game like a super-quiet league game this After a year and a half, the last meeting with Warriors says something aloud. Without speaking, Kawhi continues to rely on Killer's trustworthy Raptors. Despite the fourth fourth and OT tie, Raptors had never won Warriors, who had an explosive opening of the game.

In the process, the internal confidence level fell. Serge Ibaka, starting in the pivot, was hurt by the usual places and scored 20 points in the 8-13 shooter. Pascal Siakam was perfect three quarters, missing a quarter of a quarter fourth, with a score of 8 points, 26 points finishing, 3 to 4 (and 5-6 OT releases). Danny Green went quietly for defense, ranging from 5 to 10 in 13 points (including OT 3 win sealing), and was divided into five tables and three aids. Kyle Lowry was his Kyle Lowry-iest. Toronto was a leader in emotion, but still received 12 support and was confident in the basketball court. Lowry did not miss out on a quarter of a quarter, but was punched in the final minute of the regulation.

Jolas Valanciunas has not been dressed in a match against Warriors, as OG Anunoby is a consistent and consistent production, Delon Wright needs boosting confidence (even if it's on his 3th night), Fred VanVleet's shot it is still outside; and C.J. Miles can go the way. Nothing happens, Raptors is a game of 82 players who play against 16 players of their game, and that will not happen, especially among the characters involved. With Warriors in a seven-game series, Toronto is likely to perform a rotation of eight men, the best, OG, FVV, and Delon, and that's it. A story would end with the Warriors' great gym wins. We truly believe that we now believe.

Repeat: Still, he said, Warriors is a full force on all Raptors and NBA teams. Curry, Thompson (23 points a night, a 9-20 shoot, with a huge immortal immortality), Durant and Green (plus Boogie Cousins, do not forget) will be a very hard team at the same time. won in seven games series. Raptors would not win in that competition. They should play a perfect basketball, that is, not the most adventurous writer, even the most daring writer.

I'm dreaming of a fun part here, of course, anyway. There are such simple tricks that catch the humor, your dreams, the stars, etc., but like those who are talking, they do not do much less. Perhaps the story is only magical, today, tomorrow, in a tough environment, without forgetting the reality of the next semester.

The Nurse responded to the post-game questions in the Medicine Room, ESPN's Tim Bontemps was joking about missing his electric jacket. The incredible Nurse cools down – she felt like she exhorted her as a whole city. As a nurse she was taken to the podium in the media, people scattered, bright lights and loud music turned off and the night was almost over in the book.

"Rent has expired."

Raptors are the best NBA team, only one night. That is the conclusion. Remember, attach it to the end.

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