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Fitness column: which 2019 fitness trends can not be?

By analyzing the fitness scenes of 2019, Paul Robinson does not see fitness technology replacing simple diet and exercise-related solutions.

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The physical abilities released in the first 10 exercises of this year can not be the ones that are unrelated to your actual training. The challenges of most trends disappear as they arrive. What does this year in the next step?

Here is a review of the 2019 trends (in particular) with some notes about accommodation and how you can help with your health and fitness goals.

Bodyweight training

Resistance training allows me to enter this small space. Bodyweight training (ie pushups, chinups, etc.) can be done at home with little or no investment. What is necessary to know what happens with body weight training is a lightweight or heavy load. Through exercise, it is necessary to improve the improvement. Thus, free weights or resistance bands are available.

Keeping power: Bodyweight training is not everywhere. It's a great accessory for workouts.

Fitness technology

I'm not a big fan of fitness technology. Because this thing does not work well, but because it's fashionable and looks good. We measured fitness according to health and performance. Now we keep track of sleep and the number of steps between the chair and the bathroom. Old custom and hard work is a remote memory.

Stable power: sales for portable technologies are skyrocketing – like obesity rates. Hmm, maybe there's a correlation. That said, if you work with you, come to yourself. This bling is here – at least in your brain until the chip is worked.

A strange appetite and simplicity

Really Is Sober strange? Eating and drinking with food has been socially acceptable – I mean I have encouraged. (Ah, first world problems.) This year, alcohol abstinence and food names have been given. Gee, I wonder how it feels. Maybe I'll give it a whirlwind! & # 39;

Keeping power: I'm an excessive epidemic and I love abusive tendencies – not so hot in hipster names. Nutrition and alcohol addiction should not be light. This is a very serious thing to be labeled with sharp tags. If you see sticks.

Group training

The same exhibition, a different packaging. The steps in step have been replaced by spin bicycles, mills and treadmills, especially because they are better.

Permanent power: Team coaching has progressed over the years and continues to progressively evolve. Working with friends increases perseverance and likes people who love people, like good and pretty novels. But you need to find the right fit, some class may be pretty hardcore.

Smaller classes

Finally! He is currently studying the duration of the study. In front of cardio, the more is not necessarily better. Better better.

Keeping power: Most people (except hardcore) have less time or enough lesson classes. Fortunately, this demand is maintained. Otherwise, leave the middle class and lift some weight.


Long-term cardiology sessions are losing weight, although, undoubtedly, enough people are chained to treadmills. Did you know that prison inmates use treadmills like jails in jails? It's not a joke, but I disintegrate.

Stable power: Unless the studies are carried out, HIIT (high intensity stretch training) circles create the most effective cardiovascular. Boot campsites, sprints, stairs, spin bikes and rowers work better. Let's find out if you change things.

Protein all proteins

Certainly, this year he has made ten lists (he said, when he made his eyes). I leave the notebook and 99 percent do not require additional protein. However, I can not be a percentage.

Keeping energy: this will be a success with a person that will be easy to succeed – or a chocolate bar with a protein. Newsflash: Protein supplementation does not allow weight loss, it makes proper nutrition. Browse the protein bar (and your portable technology) and take a salad. Better yet, so you can take care of your entire watch.

Elderly adults

It is not only fashionable, but it can have a great impact on the coverage of health expenses. All research points are incredible results when elderly. Believe it or not, our 55 partner customers produce dramatic winnings.

Keeping power: this is tough. Make it accessible and can be bought by people because prescription medication and euchre exercise are much more tempting than healthy eating.

Simple solutions

Grow fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Add a regular movement (especially resistance training). Remove food. I know, this is a boring advice but your diet and habits make simple changes.

Keeping power: Proper nutrition and exercise will always be waiting for you.

Paul Robinson has been in the fitness industry for 30 years as a personal, executive, speaker and advisor coach. Kneifel Robinson (KR) is a Personal Training, with her partner Monica Kneifel Robinson, St. At Albert and Edmonton. KR has successfully achieved success in the studio and on-line success for beginners, Boomers and gym-phobics. That's where you get there [email protected];

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