Tuesday , January 26 2021

Flu has increased, with a doubling of cases of 2 million dollars a week

Cases of influenza throughout the country have doubled to 2 million times a week, according to the numbers released today.

People continue to vaccinate after the healthmaker has confirmed that the flu virus in the winter has begun.

That is, weeks after the activity is published in the Public Health Environment (PHE).

Thousands of millions, such as fever, colds and limb pain, have been reported, and experts are afraid that pressure could have a severe pressure on the NHS.

The virus is spreading throughout the United Kingdom and, during the week, 85 percent rose in England and 55 percent in Wales.

On the other hand, influenza reports rose 139 percent and 50 percent in Northern Ireland.

PHE publishes a weekly report showing signs of flu shot in GP consultations.

The number of people suffering from flu has increased (stock image)

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In some cases, vaccine symptoms are published according to 100,000 patients, each country establishes its criteria for what it considers to be an epidemic.

None of the domestic nations has yet to come from an epidemic, England and Wales are in the "low" portal.

The second step is to scale the epidemic of "high-altitude" five-point scales.

Meanwhile, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, levels are in the first portal, which is basic.

The Northeast, West Midlands, Northwest England, and Yorkshire and Humber have "medium intensity", among the most affected.

London, the Southeast, East Midlands, the Southwest and the East of England are not so damaged and "low intensity".

Regional figures are not available for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Prices are even worse since the start of the monitoring in September and over 41 months have died for more than three months.

The PHE released today reveals that the United Kingdom has diagnosed an average of 60 influenza in 100,000 people last week.

And he showed that the strain H1N1 (swine flu) was the most widespread.

Health bosses have confirmed that the flu virus has started in winter (stock image)

The previous week, it was 76 percent up on the last week of 2018.

PHE said the increase in cases means that the flu has "moderate effect" in hospitals and in intensive care units.

In this progress, a quarter of the treatment was needed in the last week, that is, 205 of the total 666.

PHE owns the right to own the bad one.

For the first time in the winter, all primary school children can now have a vaccine for free spray fluid and two or three year old children by 31st of August, 2018.

This vaccine is also offered to workers who work in the headquarters of their patients in winter.

People require vaccination (image image)

In addition, carers, who offer first-aid or first-aid helpers volunteers who offer public assistance, have the right to be vaccinated.

And adults with morbid obesity, in the body of 40 or more in the body mass, also have a jab.

Free NHS vaccines (such as healthy adults) have the opportunity to pay at a local pharmacy between £ 8 and £ 10.

Effects of influenza vaccines that recommend different age groups to improve efficiency this year.

There are four types: children (nasal spray), for both children under 65 and people over 65.

If you think you have a flu, check the symptom check at www.nhs.uk/conditions/flu.

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