Monday , May 29 2023

Former WWE champion Bray Wyatt will surprise Surprise at WWE Starrcade


In front of WWE Starrcade in Cincinnati, WWE Champion and Champion Team Two Team Tag.

Wyatt WWE was seen on television as part of a group of Matt Hardy label. He won two Raw Tag Team Championships at the Royal Rumble Greatest, but his belts would lose the B-Team team in Extreme Rules.

After the victory, Hardy's injuries wound up and Wyatt was not seen on WWE TV.

In Starrcade, Barron Corbin's Raw Manager General appeared to face and face up to the backwards challenge.

As a response, the lights shut down, Wyatt's hit and fire shadows came out for the first time in the months. It's not just great, he does not miss a moment, to win again Corbin's first night.

Check out Wyatt's fanatics videos and his Corbin victory.

Although Wyatt originally cleansed Corbin, the Directorate General for Action did not accept it. He restarted the game again, this time with a non-classification stipulation. Corbin could want to give her an advantage, but the stipulation ended at Wyatt. Elias and Finn Valor, who have no love for Corbin, Wyatt won again.

Corbin's open challenge and Wyatt's return were not originally announced on the show, nor were Starrcade's special features announced on WWE Network. Until now, WWE continues to see how another way to get into the Wyatt list.

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