Monday , January 24 2022

Fortnite Maker gets 'F' from the BBB Customer Service


Picture: Luke Plunkett

Epic swim for money Fortnite and Steam's exclusive competitor debut, but they also call it the Better Business Bureau – hot water with its customers.

Today, Better Business Bureau announces that Epic has won with F, with the lowest possible grade, mentioning 247 "complaints of no customer complaints" on its website.

"Most of the claims filed with BBB are in contact with Epic Games at customer service and return or exchange issues," wrote BBB. "BBB has contacted Epic Games several times, but the company did not respond".

Now, it must be taken into account that BBB is not an official governing body or governing body, although it suggests the origin, costume and tie-dressing name. Instead, it is a national network of nonprofit groups that provide better businesses, providing services like conflict resolution, reporting fraudulent business practices fraudulent and consumer information through business and letter grades.

However, over the years, the accreditation program and grading practice paid by the business company has been denouncing the allegations. These accusations have led to changes within the organization, but, if there is nothing else, companies that have accredited credentials represent a constant interest in BBB, despite nonprofit.

Many of the Epic BBB page complaints cover untranslated credit card and account hacking center Kotaku was reported at the beginning of last year. At that time, Epic said Kotaku "It was aware of the instances that endanger the accounts of users using traditional hacking techniques," and "he was directly aware of working with players directly facing problems", but the problem remains that many of these complaints have occurred in recent months.

Other complaints are not refunded, and people believe that they are supposedly prohibited and suspended. "Epic Games has eliminated 12 years of breach," she complained about in December 2018. "It was forbidden because someone else was hacked and they did not help, defend or resolve anything."

Epic Spokeswoman Account Kotaku The company has directed complaints in its BBB page through its own channels. "Epic Games is not linked to the Better Business Bureau and has redirected all claims filed by BBB from our Supporters' Supporters," said the spokesman, providing a link to the Epic customer service site.

For the moment, however, F remains, Epic is immersed in Valve's muck. Epic does not necessarily guess the possibilities of rising C + H: Epic is launching a new store store, it will know about new customer complaints.

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