Monday , October 18 2021

Fortnite Patch Remarks (Update 7.10): Here's what changed and new


Epic Games is releasing Fortnite's 7.10 newspapers on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices. As a part of this, they have also released patch releases that the developers have updated all the updates and updates. On Saturday, undoubtedly, Fortnite is a limited 14-day event starting on the 19th of December, which will be regularly updated and will face new challenges.

The event will consist of two weeks of different LTMs, some of which will be new. On other days, a large group group will change, group-like modes will change every day. The schedule is not announced in this way, but Epic says that it will be a new challenge and receive free reward.

On the other hand, by updating, the weapon operates. Especially, the Heavy Assault Rifle has reduced its efficiency by not seeing its views, it is now less accurate and will be harder to use without the time to use weaponry sites. Additionally, balloon controls have changed, and the plans are redesigned tweaked in the available modes.

Other things worth mentioning are that the lower vehicles slip through the frozen surfaces (ie, the cold weather season is a lot of help), getting mounted turrets is easier, Stormwings takes more than 50 percent damage and four wheels do not damage players doing. See Fortnite's full patch notes: Battle Royale below. What's new and change on the Creative and Save The World Epic website.

Limited Time Shares: 14 Fortnite Days

  • Fortnight 14 days a day, new LTMs will be returned. Large groups of groups change in two days and small groups of groups rotate 24 hours a day. Starting on December 19, every day at 9AM (1400 UTC) to browse to find out what's in session. Let us LTM your favorite in our social channels!

Weapon + items

  • Heavy Assault Rifle Changes:
    • Heavy Assault Rifle's efficiency decreased; It is about to keep sight of it
      • ADS accuracy improvement increased by 10%
      • Higher accuracy still stands 10%
      • Decrease vertically back 6%
      • Base accuracy reduced by 30%
      • The reduced precision jumped down to 60%
  • Enhance the Balloon controls
    • Throughout the air, Balloons can click on the "Crouch" keypad (first, jump to the keyboard shortcut key).
    • The player can again use it to release an Alt-Fire balloon when the Balloon item is selected.
  • When available in available modes, the height available for glider remodeling has decreased from 1,000 units to 576 units.

Error correction

  • A problem that could be received by the player through the Dynamite direct structure was solved.

to play

  • The lower vehicles now slide on frozen surfaces.
  • Non-enemy enemies eliminate rumors of snipers in the deletion stream.
  • Stacking a landing on a vehicle with 4 wheels on 4 wheels will no longer damage the player.
  • It is now easier to pick up items that fall next to a mounted turret.
  • Stormwings now takes 50% more time by clicking on the objects.
    • Improving now reduces the damage resulting from the impact of 50%, preventing the impetus to avoid harmful effects.
  • Damage to Stormwing players has risen from 25 to 50 years
    • Damage directly affects health.
  • Stormwings will destroy the woods, running through them.

Error correction

  • Keeping a movement key if you confirm an edition, it will not be possible for the player to continue in the direction of the player's keystrokes.
  • Mounted tower houses are no longer transported below the map and then returned to the original location.
  • Various Zipline Repairs
    • Zipline animations are no longer reproduced after each player is built under a Zipline.
    • The player must be fit for a tanker. A player will solve the problem that appears in the "jittery / rubberbanding" or perceive a speed of perceived speed immediately attached to the Cyclline.
    • Players will not lose themselves in sprint, if they emit in a pen.
    • They were able to disconnect a player from discipline after seeing an animation over the right head.
    • Zipline will not be in the world of pole after a player has been excluded.
    • There was a problem fixing players to close the map.
    • Add sounds and effects when the pencil player breaks the structure.
    • Enhanced collision near Ziplines.
  • Fixed regression with "Auto pickup weapons"


  • Add pop-up cups and add extra Fortnite add-ons on Friday night
  • Explorer Pop-Up Cups
    • 500/500/500 from 700/500/300 to 500/500/500 adjustments for wood / stone / metal.
    • The resources are obtained in 50/50/50 50/50/50 eliminations adapted for wood / stone / metal.
    • We continue to make the adjustments of these values ​​to try to find a healthy balance, please report your opinion!

Error correction

  • Trapa did not face the Exploratory Pop-Up Cup award that won no exploration prize.


Error correction

  • The attempt has been made to avoid time-consuming tests to record players' end time.
  • The player can no longer see the message "Starting a wait" for the players that challenge Challenge games.


  • GPU performance enhancements by remote distances. This should improve the resolution of the console and in some cases, the frame rate.
  • Emote has made a lot of performance to play music.
  • Directed changes are sometimes seen when players are sold
  • Improve some partners


  • Improvement in the winter biological environment.
  • Quad Crasher reduces the volume volume intensity.

Error correction

  • Fixed Victory Royale sound effects being different on the cellphone / Switch.


  • The player can preview the pre-screen preview of "Preview" action for "Fullscreen"
  • The player's shield bar has been added above a vehicle.

Error correction

  • A short summary of the momentous music item has been heard when a song is saved when a music element is saved
  • Sometimes a crash has been fixed to see event tabs on consoles.

Art + Animation

  • Zenith has an inactive animation in the lobby.
  • Lynx has an inactive animation in the lobby.
  • The phone lobbies in the phone for 15 seconds now
  • Dab days infinite Dab power on the fertile day at the lobby!


  • UI buttons updated.
    • The HUD Settings tab will be visible to mobile players.
    • Updated icons to be visible to snow.
    • The Exit Vehicle button moved to a new location
  • 60 FPS option enabled the second generation of iPad Pro (10.5 "and 12.9") (choose within Settings).
  • Suitable support for Snapdragon 710 chips (for example, Samsung A8S, Xiaomi Mi 8SE, Nokia 8.1, Oppo R17 Pro).
  • Suitable support for Snapdragon 670 chips (Oppo R17, Vivo Z3, for example).
  • Samsung A9 support is enabled.

Error correction

  • Add a warning when Zoomra Accessibility settings are enabled, touching the screen and causing actions that are missing.
    • For this reason, players have unanswered interactions.

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