Monday , October 25 2021

Fortnite Update v7.10 will be released without Driftboard


Epic Games has announced its reversal Fortnite Update Version 7.10. The company says that it has found a flaw that can not be fixed at the moment before updating the bugs. As a result, Fortnite The player should not expect the update at 5AM, which is the originally chosen release.

Epic usually its schedule Fortnite The updates to the start hours that are playing with less people were the 7.10 version plans. The company did not reveal the nature of the bug, saying it was only found in "construction", forcing the update delay.

The company it does not give It's a time-lapse update time, it will provide new users to release the date and time in the future. Before revealing at least a fallen time, Epic said the planned inclusion will go to different future patches.

In addition to defective V7.10, Epic has released the Driftboard release planned for tomorrow's (now ancient) updates. As the company says, it decided to postpone this update to "get the latest changes in quality of life" and make other improvements. However, the remaining life expectancy and balance balance set out in subsection 7.10 remain.

The update will continue immediately after Epic eliminated it from his new Infinity Blade weapon, a sword that led to the primitive game Battle Royale Island. Even though the sword was used, it was very crowded, because it destroyed the large number of players and the least survival options.

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