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Founder of the Internet, Lawrence Roberts, aged 81

One of the oldest designers, Lawrence Larry Roberts, died on December 26 at the age of 81. Roberts is known for his work as a program manager The Pentagon Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) developed a pioneer on the Internet, ARPANET.

It's not publicly famous, like other leading figures like Tim Berners-Lee or Vint Cerf, however, their contributions have certainly been adapted to the Internet. The idea of ​​computer networks in the 1960s began to spread.

Roberts took the lead in the field, the head of the Technical Information Technical Office of ARPA, Robert Taylor, was selected to link the ARPA research teams together.

Roberts's influence is still a resonant

Roberts implemented ARPAnet, the notion of packet data switching to manage traffic. Roberts left ARPA in 1973, but it was very influential. Telenet's commercial data packet company helped many years to improve the quality of Internet networks.

Other Caspian Networks (since its disappearance) and Anagran were focused on improving the quality of the technology service like video streaming. Roberts is far from the name of the house, he has touched his mind and determination on the Internet in ways he still felt today.

Licklider inspired a long career

Roberts completed his Bachelor and Master's Degree in Electricity and Reading Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology J.C.R. Licklider focused on the computer network of "computer intergalactic computer" concept.

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