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Four things Canadians need to know that they are the jury's duties


Courts Curtis Healy has condemned this autumn how murdered and beat Dawns Baptiste, a four-year-old mother of Calgary, to kill herself with a rock.

Healy is an appealing party, because the judge did not abolish the judges because they had been drinking their drinks at their restaurant after they had already been proved.

A 25-year-old unmarried husband killed Calgary's mother Dawns Baptiste

Hockey was featured on television, there were other people and a server ordered them.

Here's what you have selected for the four jury service:

The close relationship is strictly limited while deliberating

During the presentation of the jury, the jury will be free vacancies every day. They can not see anything they see or hear about the court case outside. But when they are deliberating, they are cut with the general public. If the day ends with the court, they will be placed in an inn to the internet, to the telephone or to the television.

The Queen of Bench Justice Court visited the restaurant Charlene Anderson as inappropriate, but denied the application of Healy's mistrial. There was no jury to say anything about or heard about the case.

COMMENT: Canadian jurors deserve a better payment

Professor at the University of Toronto, Kent Roach, a 24-hour cycle and social media make things harder.

"We are asking a lot of our jury, both throughout the trial and, of course, as long as they are, the age of information we live in is really blind."

The deliberations are secret

It is a punishment, with few exceptions, to extend the jury's provisional deliberations. They never said why they made their decision, and it is not possible for them to conduct interviews with Roach for academics.

Toronto lawyer Allan Rouben says the ban is worth the reason behind, but he prefers it.

NOTE: The persecution of Quebec's jury's duty

"The courts are concerned that the sharp debate that takes place in the jury room will have a great impact."

Rouben tells how ways are managed, for example, to keep the jury anonymous and to speak clear.

Talking to jury members would be particularly beneficial, as in the case of a controversial judge, for example, when a Saskatchewan farmer's decease was killed by the Indigenous's death.

"The benefits of the jury's communication exceeds the costs".

There are mental health considerations

Mark Farrant confused post-traumatic stress after a jury named after the 2014 murder trial. He could not sleep and his loved ones retired.

"I was not able to share court experiences and images in my everyday life."

In court courts the PTSD can be created for lawyers, for judges

According to Toronto, the judges say they can not receive mental health support after the court judgment. When he tried to find a counselor, he had trouble catching someone for the secretive law.

A private member who passed the first reading in the General Court will change the Criminal Code so that the jury can speak to health care professionals.

PTSD jury addressed to the Parliament in the case of traumatology

Some provinces offer support to jury members, but recommends a national view of the May Committee Committee. Likewise, the jury can provide information packs to face stress and follow-up sessions.

"We do not force the Canadians to force the military," says Farrant. "We make it clear to you for the jury and a huge public service and complement to our justice system."

Compensation varies

The Commons committees encouraged provinces and provinces, at least $ 120.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, employees have to get a regular salary among the jury members. Elsewhere, it is made up of employers.

A Canadian jury spent 5 months trial for murder after developing PTSD

Today's esteem is changing across the country. Alberta is $ 50. In Ontario, the ninth day allowance starts only on the 11th day. Quebecbe has earned $ 103 a day for 57 days when it rises to $ 160. Likewise, Quebec's refunds include mileage, parking and meals, and court orders, nursery and tips can be covered.

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