Wednesday , September 28 2022

Free promotion spark cheesecake & # 39; United States – RT USA News


Thousands of threatened restaurant workers had to call the police after the promotion of free cheese delivery, they brought chaos to Virginia streets.

Many people, blocked traffic and police quarrels on Wednesday left the world, which motivation Americans should stand up and fight: cheese cake. This was the beginning of the madness of the Arlington county this week, after a promotion of the Cheesecake Factory, revealed the bitter truth about the Virginians' sweet tooth.

While the CheeseCake factory's baking prowess is hardly a questionable one, it has been able to make some work at the logistics staple in the suburban restaurants quickly clean. In the promotion of the 40th anniversary of the company, 40,000 slices of cheese were offered free and free delivery to customers entrusted to DoorDash for the food delivery application. The giant of payments led to a restaurant that was under the control of delivery guarantors in response to demand demand.

Officers were called in the scene when crowded lines and rampant double parking congestions began to congest. Police spokesman said they were arrested after police officers, saying they were officials of negligence. Wounded wounded men were hospitalized and, in liberation, they carried out inadequate behavior.

Even more, the promotion of Arlington is not rationalized, but it will be done in the country's locations. If there is no turbulence on Thursday, the agreement will continue the term "fight against food" throughout the week.

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