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Friends of Freddie Mercury – Judge San Juan – Praise the portrait of the new Hollywood biopic


Vikas Khaladkar was the fourth level, when Farroch Bulsara's charismatic approach came to the eighth grade, better known at the Freddie campus.

They were classmates at San Pedro's School, Western India.

50 years later, Khaladkar – Justice of the Supreme Court of San Juan – was seen sitting at a movie theater Bohemia Rhapsody, his old friend, the Queen's director, Freddie Mercury, a cinematic portrait.

Vikas Khaladkar, Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Justice, went to boarding school with Mercury.

"I thought it was very good," said Khaladkar. "I think the actor [Rami Malek]He came in. I thought it was a beautiful portrait of Freddie Mercury. "

Features were specified

While the film took on freedom with various aspects of Mercury's life, Khaladkarre thought about the boy he knew from school.

"You can not lose your teeth, right?" he laughed. "These buck teeth really made it unique, and never did anything. As it grew, I think it grew a bit, but it was bigger when it was smaller, but it was a distinctive feature."

Check it out and tell yourself how much you have given us.– Vikas Khaladkar

Khaladkar remembers the memory of the singer for his musicality and sharing. In the bedroom he lived on the second floor facing the street. Khaladkarre would have mercenaries to serenade her.

"He sings for them and they loved him," he said. "Freddie did a lot."

The film focuses on the relationship with Mercury with his wife, Mary, rising from her star, and eventually as a privileged gay outing.

Different paths of San Pedro

He also touches his heritage: Zanzibar was born, and then Tanganyika lived in the Khaladkerri region, now known as Tanzania. Two boys were in the region, thousands of miles away from home.

Most memories of Mercury share the same musician's teachers from one year on.

"He used to get a new change for daily lessons and if he made mistakes when he was making his piano, he knuckled it with a stick," he said. "Maybe Freddie could have more facilities."

Mercury, the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic theme, featuring Remi Malek. (Hulton Archive / Getty Images)

During that time Mercury played during his group, Victory Rana, along with the King of Tibet, in 1999 made the effort of the United Nations to become a Cypriot commander.

While looking Bohemia RhapsodyKhaladkar walked in bicycles after leaving for San Pedro.

"Check it out and tell yourself how many ways we have given you and what will happen, whether it's Chief of the forces of Cyprus or Newfoundland. It's amazing where we arrived."

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