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From Grimes to Elon, lovingly

Here is a contextual lesson. Currently, Grimes has released a new song called "Power We Appreciate", the first single recorded song in a few years. According to a press release, "Take advantage of power" is written from "Pro-A.I's point of view". Girl Group Propaganda machine song, dance, sex and fashion Goodwill artificial intelligence (whether you want it or not). Simply, when listening to this song, you will see that the main AI leaders of the future will accept your message and delete your children. "In the video, Grimes and the synth-pop musician HANA (which appears in the song) have been stolen as a fake girl robot group, they draped bitter lighting against a cyberpunk backdrop vamp, flashing screen lyrics song.

"We Appreciate Power" is also the first song by Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) since its mega-billionaire inventor has been in contact with Elon Musk since May. Muskek's 2018 innovation cycle was confusing: Britain's underwater diver is not mentioned as a pedophile, because SEB has forced its company of Tesla to become president, with a bad tweet, burning weed on Joe Rogan podcasts, among other incomprehensible things. Boucher has consistently pursued lizard relations, criticizing critics of upholding anti-union positions and criticizing Azealia Banks' participation in rapping. relationship.

"Poder Apreciamos" is a hypnotic song, sang vocals and was built around distorted instruments. Boucher's concerns about industrial sounds, plastic emotions and aesthetic inspirations were discussed earlier, although "artificial intelligence is a very important but existential threat" at the time Matrix Even though "The loyalty of the project is the strongest computer in the world / Simulation: the future is the value of the face," it would be much better "" We appreciate the power ", about Disney's animated style music. mentally Think of something like that Lion King in"Be Prepared", that is, I've just been singing the antagonists of this Disney style film, even though it's still new. But here I could not stop thinking when I heard: Grimes made a song about artificial intelligence in Elon Musk.

Is it somewhat unjust? Of course. Grimes Grimes is not her boyfriend. Grimes writes and produces his own music, but it is difficult to discard the presence of Musk, given that his concern for artificial intelligence is well documented. (Evangelist is not, and said he presents more threat than nuclear weapons). Of course, he imagines what my brain can imagine in conversations, such as Burning Man, and I do not know, hentai. It would be enriched by the accreditation of a wealthy piece of a man's work, without giving up receipts, but proportionately the relationship will not affect the people involved in any way, that is, especially as early as Musk or artistic talent like Boucher. (Muskek definitely deserves it feeling yourself Since more in the public eye with Boucher, the consequences of tweeting drugs are different when head of a global corporation, not even an artist.) And according to the capacity of the celebrity and financial success in some art, it is worth considering a new song that is a weird one Pitchfork artist and think, "anti-labor, anti-press baron of technology is worth $ 23 million to somehow confuse this one."

If you broadcast YouTube releases, you will see that this is not the concern of many of its listeners. Why should it be? "We value privacy" is a banger type, you do not think about it. In the context of what is going on, you can listen to Spotify's song so that the artist stole money and, sometimes, hands up and live a bit. It's fun to have a fan! In May, I argued that Boucher did not tell Musk's bull, I still believe it's true; They may love people who love it, even if that person seems like a hare.

But come. Seven years ago, when I was at Grimes, an underground artist was playing DIY shows; Now he's appearing in Met Gala with a billionaire without a toy. When the muscles began, He removed the "anti-imperialist" Twitter bio. Changes in its roots have changed somewhat; Maybe it sounds glib or uncharitable, but it's Musk that's it image depicted in today's culture. It's a nice way Megyn Kelly is a successful midwife, whose art, of course, is extreme. Megyn Kelly. The title would be much better if Boucher literally does not believe it, at least at that time.

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