Tuesday , January 25 2022

Frontier Airlines allows you to ask for advice


Use your credit card to buy a taco, a beer or a US taxi ride and may require a tip for the certificate. A few years ago, the same opportunity was reached for airlines, most of them were advised of free food and drinks.

Frontier Airlines was a pioneer in cutting-edge departmental counseling for each flight. As of January 1, 2200 flight attendants in Frontier do not pass their provisions. Now every man and woman is herself, and maybe a beneficiary will be harried as an airline passenger.

"We appreciate the great work of our flights and we know that our customers also do so [the payment tablet] It gives advice to the traveler, "said Spokesman Frontier, Jonathan Freed, on Friday." It is at the discretion of the client, and many do it ", because there is also the power of the aircraft: in Frontier, the tip tip is activated.

During the decades, he has emphasized the role of United States flight manager as a security professional, reminding passengers, it should be at all times emergency personnel if someone is ill, fearing that a flight will cause a problem. Promoting the balance of the drink was just one side.

This messaging boosted the post-wholesale reorganization of 9-11 and the US airline. During the bankruptcy, the operators began to increase the salaries of pilots and flights, while boating services standards began to be invested to command higher rates while looking for cuts.

The Association of Flight Managers, representing the Frontier workers, presented its 2016 tension. "Management was expected to go on vacation to passengers, as airline participants would be away from each other for a contractual contract to change additional passenger expenses," said AFA President Sara Nelson on Friday.

The Union wanted to convey a new contract with Frontiers for two years. In November, the planes refused to authorize the strike, although federal mediators had not yet given a speech.

"I think it's like a restaurant, in fact, there is no image for the airlines."

Despite different views, Frontier staff decided to maintain their own, "better transparency" and top-class distribution to support past problems, Nelson said.

The system paid through the Frontier tablet allows flight attendants to sell the cutting-edge screen when the customer pays for it; The airlines do not request advice from airline tracking trackers through tablets. Frontier does not condemn the amount of information it receives every month, despite Freed's spokesman for the airline asking for "millions of dollars" of airline advice over the last three years. (The Union does not question this estimate.)

However, the Denver-based Frontier seems to be at the forefront. Two ultra low costs, Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Travel do not enter into client payment systems. Allegiant also has an anti-prediction policy.

"I think that it is like a restaurant, and it is true that the airlines do not want to have any image," said Henry Harteveldt, a co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group and a travel industry. In the new policy, some flight providers may be able to access their own revenue colleagues, as well as the level of service on the table, among other things.

"This makes the culture difficult for Frontier," said Harteveld.


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