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Galaxy Fold: Samsung's screen drop, speed and air void


The whole reason Galaxy Fold it exists due to the screen. Unlike other phones, the screens reflect the camera's quality and battery life, Samsung has designed the entire phone, since the display doubles half. Fuzzy phone design risks absorbing all oxygen in the room after completing five units of the Fold revision of Galax great problems lived. It's important, but the fold screen is also in a work model like mine.

Before the Galaxy Fold began to break the screen, it was a plastic sweat that came down in the middle of the fold that caused the folding. What really looked like Would it be worse during time? Creasegat has folded the fold before starting his phone.

Let's remember the sound. It has two front faces and two sensors on the face with large, cut edges, and for the first time Samsung has shown for the first time with sneers. The audience felt sad that they would be cheap and on the way.

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People also talked about the gap in the air, a small loop of open space in the hinged fence that closes it rather than closing the sides of the screen.

After using more than one bundle every day, I wanted to take them to three of your biggest concerns, and they really liked sharing. Let's start with a crease.

The bigger one does not seem so bad

The second time you open the phone, you will notice the drop. Slight in and get caught. I've mostly noticed black or white screens, but something immersed – a movie, an article, a game – it's crease that your face becomes much less. This is largely due to the fact that you do not concentrate deeply on it, and partly because it has been switched on and switched to a less apparent pixel.

In addition, you can also hang on the bottom or the screen when you run your fingers or it can be under the wheel. Watching his presence is not the same because of the perception or removal of what I am doing. That has never happened, but I should not rule out that it might be a trace in certain scenarios.

galaxy 3-fold

You tried to fold a phone without a hole.

Angela Lang / CNET

Remember that there is no where to fold is folded. I do not know how to install a folding phone with at least one of the materials we do not have. Can you imagine folding a piece of glass in half and then spreading it? I can not.

Other folding designs like Huawei Mate XIt puts on an external folding device screen that has an opposing aspect – rather than "overrun it". It resembles the skin that surrounds your knee or elbow. A folding screen is compatible.

Wrinkles and protrusions do not feel exquisite or primal but are essential at this time. The only solution that is pre-eminently is a futuristic material that reopens the molecules again and closes.

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Air gap is associated with worms

Another thing that Fold does is not flat. There is a gap in the closest end to the closest … because the plastic screen does not fully stack over itself. Perhaps the plastic sharpened the plastic.

I did not find the gap to become a very wrong bend in my pocket or pocket. There is not enough space to access a credit card. When I placed it, and then another one was kept in the same place, but above all because it kept the magnetic edges of the Tolestance. I would not slip in a pen. Maybe a Bobby pin, but do not do it – you would not want to scratch the plastic screen.

Huawei has its X Matea flat on the top of the "Falcon" hinge, but there is also clear engineering there. Mate X has a rope, the "asymmetric" length of the screen. Also, it can hold the phone, but it is designed to put batteries, cameras and other rigid electronics in the cellphone. However, it can be a very good solution. For more than 5 minutes we will see this folding phone.

OK, the problem is the problem

Unlike other screen worries, I think Samsung has designed it. Thick, bulbous and more space, with only two lenses and two (stacked) sensors that really need it. Hold the fold in the light and you see a lot of voids right.

When you watch and play videos, the plug-in drops on the screen. You do not lose a scene or an important moment, as it happens in the middle of the screen and not on the edges, but it is not necessarily so great.


Oh, why should you be so big?

Angela Lang / CNET

It seems logic that Samsung wants to hang up the camera without having to cushion camera sensors. I think Samsung has plugged in the plug to the right edge, because I did not feel like cutting it down, leaving it with an island that was plugged in.

Again, Huawei deals with Mate X in a part of Mate X that moves all of the cameras into a pile.

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If you do not like it, Samsung has a good deal of favor on the menu. This creates a thicker bar at the top of the screen. Some applications, including YouTube, when you turn on the fire, connects it to the screen line, however, it leaves thick bars up and down (because the application can not be resized altogether). This will completely cut off the full screen experience, first of all, the most important point in the fold.

It should be noted that this is the first wave of folding phones that sets the foundations for a new type of device that will be much more difficult in today's pocket.

Folding may be a mistake, even when it works, but Samsung and others can do it learn from bending errors to create a folding phone that you really want.

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