Tuesday , May 18 2021

Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford secured a $ 12m bonus bonus over his legal lawsuit over the senior law firm • Eurogamer.net

Gearbox's CEO Randy Pitchford and Former Board Member of Borderlands are nowadays involved in inadequate judicial conflicts, including crimes against the contract and accusations against fiduciary obligations.

Callender, for example, got Pitchford's 2K Games "side agreement" to get $ 12million $ 12million in "personal and secretive" executive. Pitchford agreed on his private "bonuses" (that is to say, one and the same is not clear), with progress on royalties payable to Gearbox employees. For example, he says, employees will receive "a balance or profit shareholder until they get paid for Randy's bonuses".

When Kotaku broke the story, Gearbox began to crash, because Callender (a Pitchford over 40-year-old friend) bailed out the money he had saved, saving $ 300,000 to save money. It helps finance a new home purchase. In the final point, Gearbox has declared "Callender" a written and authoritative "Home and Loan Agreement" and intentionally destroying it, in which case its defensive potential would be detrimental. "

Gearbox also strikes the studio on charges of enrollment fees and the company's credit card for personal expense, including "family vacations, armory members, and firearms, and six abs packs."

In response, Callender presented his suit, which Pitchford violated his fiduciary obligations. " [his] Private Outfits. "Pitchford
Callender's employment contract and other contracts are also violated, both parties and a property real estate company.

Pitchford, a presentation of claims, "manipula and morally blames CEO's who shamefully exploited his veteran friend, Texas attorney and military veteran called Wade Callender."

The last document in Callender's complaints is the most serious. With sales of $ 12 million worth of bonuses, Callland explains other examples that Pitchford claims to be in violation of Pitchford's alleged legal rules, as Pitchford says, has left a USB drive, a very sensitive material (Gearbox employee details, development efforts, corporations partners, etc.) at the Medieval Times restaurant in Texas.

Here, the suit takes on a darker turn, claiming: "For information and belief, Randy Pitchford's USB drive also includes Randy Pitchford's pornographic personal collection of minors.

According to Arstechnica, Pitchford reaffirmed the story of the makers after The Piff Pod, after presenting the suit to Callender. In Podcast, the medieval Times staff returned, "and he also found it [camgirl] pornography There was barely legal pornography. The handle of that girl "was only 18." was. Pitchford said he had a stick with an image, and his executive assistant checked the return device while it was on vacation. "I know it before," he said, "I think look at the entire office."

In other words, Callender's suit Pitchford stated that Pitchford also had Gearbox profits to finance aspects that he himself and his wife had thrown. Among these parties, "male adults agree to play at Randy Pitchford."

In the initial story of Kotaku, Gearbox spokeswoman told the website: "The allegations made by an old married worker are absurd, based on reality or on the law. We have foreseen this unjustified trial for the court and we have no other comment."

If you read a newer statement from Kotaku, "Gearbox will present a Barrier Reason for Texas against the former Wade Court, in accordance with the disciplinary proceedings, by making an accusation that the accusations are falsified. The professional rules of the lawyer explicitly prohibit submitting documents that are false conduct.

"Say what is in the Wade's own claim – for a lawyer's stubborn language and quotes for the use of the app, he knows he knows that lies based on lies, he used quotes and lawyer's language, he hopes he will give some defense angels when it comes to false falsehood. He works on Wade Shakedown and clearly defies and lacks lies in making mistakes to develop a narrative that is fake.

Pitchford also offers his answer On Twitter, saying: "My former colleagues and colleagues do not focus on reality or legally, it's enough to earn money. We'll make it, but I can not comment on the court as much as I would. I'd much rather be surprised. for your love and help. "

A second tweet "As a father, I believe that crimes against children are particularly damaging. It is very painful for a poor friend and colleague to make a bad credit." Pitchford to conclude, "I am aware of who my friends are in the process of progressing, thank you for your love and help. I will try to concentrate on my work and judge judgments and truths."

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