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Get the answer: I have to work with older people


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Muscles that regularly make retirees are not different from the muscles of the young.

As a result, after analyzing Ball State University experts from Harvard University experts, we have been analyzing them over the decades of the seventies for more than seventy years.

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The doctors say 30 years have been taking part in physical activity, "younger". It is noteworthy that the participant studies were not athletes.

It should be noted that all volunteers were in charge of regular jogging and quick exercise. In addition, according to the subjects, training was considered a normal hobby.

The researchers also found that 28 people have taken this activity for fifty years.

For the cleansing of the experiment, doctors have created two more groups, twenty volunteers and retirees, a sedentary lifestyle, more than seventy.

The researchers studied the aerobic capacity of the participants and measured the muscular capillaries and enzymes to show muscle health.

It is curious that the muscles of people who practice normal training are not more than twenty years old muscles: capillary and enzymes, and consequently can effectively end up with physical aging effects.

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In fact, the only difference between the two active groups – young and old – was slightly reduced by aerobic capacity. However, active retirees accounted for 40%.

Additionally, when doctors compared the average national data over the years, older people had a better cardiovascular system.

The results show that physical activity helps to prevent premature death from salivary muscular muscles.

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