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GIFFORD-JONES: Preventing flu death

The death of the flu is always tragic. But, above all, when it happens at a young age. This year, more and more emergency emergencies are taking place. And, as usual, thousands of Americans will die of this disease. But do they die in any way?

The United States Department of Disease Control and Prevention has reported for the first time in 13 years that all states are reviewing the rise of influenza caused by aggressive virus.

The authorities have stressed that the best way to reduce the number of cases of flu and death has been the flu shot. Dr Shobhit Maruti, a medical doctor at Edmonton, where deaths have also occurred, stressed: "It will never die too late in 2018, which means that the number of cases of flu has decreased by 42%."

History has shown, however, that preventing or reducing the vaccine against influenza vaccine is not always a complete protection. So, other preventive measures?

I have a great respect for viral murderers, just as I finished my career as a surgeon. In 1950, in my last year, at the Harvard Medical School, I developed poliomyelitis. I was in one of the biggest medical centers in the United States. But in the next 24 hours, doctors could not stop my legs and stomach muscles completely.

How could this irony be treated in a village in North Carolina and a family doctor? My paralysis could be prevented. Also ironic, my teacher was not aware of the great doctor's discovery.

Dr. Frederick R. Klenner had no trained virologist. But 60 polio patients worked in a nearby room. He decided to treat high doses of vitamin C for 10 days. It is not a patient that developed 60 patients with paralysis!

This discovery was published in Journal, Southern Medicine and Surgery in February 1948. It has not been published in the news magazines or magazines in the world. In fact, he fell into his ears, and now doctors continue to be unknown.

Moreover, after Klenner demonstrated high doses of Vitamin C, he could heal other viral diseases, including pneumonia, encyrdom, meningitis, hawthorns and chicken dogs.

Klenner's research has shown that in addition to the flu's annual flu, Vitamin C provides extra protection. In particular, if you take 4,000 milligrams (mg) C every day, much more than before the flu strike. This maintains immune cells with C, immediately to fight against the virus. So, never forget the importance of the C's reservoir immediately because the need for C increases.

Klenner had the doctor's message simple. If a serious infection occurs, but if the cause is unknown, doctors require large doses of C while the diagnosis is being investigated. The small doses of Painkillers will not hurt the cancer, and the small doses of C viral diseases will not be.

Ideally, for critical illnesses, Klenner daily administered 25,000 milligrams of vitamin C vitamin daily. But it's easier than this. He also used intramuscular injuries and oral tablets. But this means consuming large amounts of pills.

May my relatives insist that they never treat themselves if they cause viral viruses. But before medicine is available, you can start taking another 2,000 mg or C-bit of Vitamin Medi-C Plus twice daily until there are loose stools. It could be the difference between life and death. These brands are available at health food stores.

My advice to readers is the same and get a second opinion too. So go to the internet and write "Dr. F. R. Klenner and Vitamin C". Andrew Saul, an internationally renowned expert in vitamins, has an excellent article on Klenner, awarded the Nobel Prize for research. Tragic is that many doctors are unaware of the findings that save lives.

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