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Giovinco: TFC has made an unacceptable offer

TORONTO – Sebastian Giovinco assured Toronto FC that he had left in his place, and on Wednesday he will reach Saudi Arabian Al-Hilal FC in the social media to cancel his contract against the MLS club.

The star striker called Toronto's four seasons "my family and me a wonderful experience."

"I can certainly say I wanted to finish it differently," said Instagram in a post. "As I always keep, I finish my career in the renewal of my contract and live in domestic sports."

32-year-old Italian MLS player earned a nominal $ 7.115 million last season. The TFC offered a new striker who would remain in the league's seventh or seventh position, which would give a minimum of 5 million euros to 2018.

Giovino himself and his family loved Toronto and wanted to end their careers.

"Unfortunately, our desire has affected TFC management with the current direction of change," he wrote. "I spent two years contracting to expand my contract, but management was not daring. I recently offered the terms that seemed to me unacceptable when I refused to use the 2020 club option recently.

"I can say I have more to deal with nonprofit, but this is not the case. Offer and lack of transparency is a clear message, management preferring to focus on non-profits, with the rise of brand and TFC overall reputation both at home and abroad, It seems that I do not serve any purpose, I would like to say that I would like to deny the Toronto situation, so I gladly announce that my tenor has finished as a TFC player. "

The postcard was a photo of the retired Giovinco, winning the 2017 MLS Cup in Toronto with Philip F. Anschutz Trophy.

Toronto made an offer to the ancient Atomic Ant in the Middle East. But in the face of a negotiation business, Giovinco wound up on Wednesday to find out what happened next January to close the FIFA transfer window.

Toronto did not provide the transfer fee details. Al-Hilal, a 15-year-old Saudi champion, said Giovinc has been in Los Angeles for three years.

"Welcome to Giovinco," a Riyadh-based club said Giovinco Toronto's red video on a video game of uniform blue.


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