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GOG Soma for a long time


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30 Dec 2018, 05:48 IST

One of the most feared players is the game of fear, Amnesia is free for free!
One of the most feared players is the game of fear, Amnesia is free for free!

One of the best games of horror survival has been in recent years Frictional Games& # 39; Soma. Originally released in PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015, the release of Xbox One at the end of 2017 survived.

Frictional Games are known in the horror genres of the game. Many people talk about classical indie Amnesia: Dark evening, or earlier darkness series

Swedish developers know that they feel fear and fear in their players, and when Soma came out years ago, it became the best craftsmanship.

Soma is a horror game to survive, combining puzzles instead of confronting it. Frictional Games described here his psychological fear of building a tense and fascinated story.

By taking control of Simon Jarrett, you will find yourself in an abandoned research center called PATHOS-II. Jarrett must guide him by looking at horrible and grotesque creatures.

If you have not received Soma, this award-winning game is available for free! You have to do everything and press Soma. Create your profile and you can download the game immediately. Hurry, however, this agreement will be twelve hours before!

Do you play Soma? What other survival horror games have you been paying attention to over the years? Please let us know the comments below, and be sure to agree Sportskeeda for all your gaming news.

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