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Gold Balloons 2019 Highlights Highlights

Four or 15 minutes before, give or take, Americans He won the Golden Globe for the Best Drama Series and earned his best critics award for six good times.

Peak was one of the best and most frequently watched television shows.

The Golden Globe only reached 30 minutes of television with a duration of 30 minutes. If you are currently directing your award-winning TV shows – when Jim Carreys and Julia Robertses are doing television; Olivia Colman, Regina King and Rami Malek, the winners of the filmmakers, are much more than just the big screen, why would they put the biggest television show in the afternoon? In the cast of the actress, in the series of comedy series and almost every movie before the theater. Listed large and small categories?

I am convinced that the Golden Globes has done a great deal of restructuring of television, especially as a complement to Cecil B. DeMille's award-winning TV show, award-winning Carol Burnett. . I think it might be a television critic to imagine that Globo is a way of naming more than a third-party television citizen, behind comedy and drama features – and that's just the beginning.

On Sunday, the 76th Golden Globe Awards were distributed with fascinating moments and wonderful speeches and wins of victorious coronation, and many of those moments became part of an aggressiveness of a show that went on at that moment. (I do not write here because it is the "quality" of winning movies and TV shows here AmericansThe prize was as good as it was. The actress Sandra Oh has won in a series of drama Eve to die It was a good validation to make a great show and start a story. For two key prizes Rome In the end, probably, the best supposed picture was more important than winning Green Book and seemingly less director Bohemia Rhapsody).

It's not an advanced level when the awards show is long. Hosts disappear. Presenters like William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman have said they will present "Witty banter" three times and a reward. Amber Heard is joining the group and says, "The Golden Globe goes …" Taylor Swift – Taylor Flippin & # 39; Swift !! – It's presented with Idris Elba, and one of the biggest pop stars in the world nod and smile PeopleHe tells a man and a man better.

Balloons and NBC credits, the show was a long one, and although they had to cut hosts and hosts, they mostly wanted discourses. And when the winners also acted, it was just a recommendation and not an order. Regina King, winner Beale Street could not speakIn his speech, he has had a passionate flesh, and even though he continued his music, he still survived. Eventually, the music stopped King said: "That's why we do this because we understand it, our microphones are great and we talk to everyone." Director Peter Farrelly Green Book, he took a different approach, and when the music began, he stopped his talk and the music stopped until the end.

Nobody would have to play with Carol Burnett, he won the first Carol Burnett Prize and not Jeff Bridges. Both icons took a pleasant time and they gave spectacular types of discourses. Burnett made a point of reflection and told stories about what started on TV in an important half-life moment. He did not feel pressed, compounded and finished with his branded earlobe-tug, almost missed by a showmaker's gesture. Inexplicably, the show was not commercialized in Burnett's talk, and it has remained so far, and absorbed some weight since it had to be one of the show's paintings. The show also continued in the Bridges' talk, with a very different and appropriate relationship, where he talked about the general director, who almost never worked, and told the story that Buckminster Fuller and Alan Arkin left the jewel of audiences. and it was still with Bridges. Harrison Ford had to return immediately after Bridges, and despite being Harrison Ford, he was able to read the room and he knew it was coming soon. The balloon needs to know that these two-life achievements will be the best part of any Globo television and will last 30 or 45 minutes.

Is it time to stay? So it goes. Oh and Samberg were good. The show began with the positivity, and at least in the first half of the television they occasionally made the most appearances. All that night, there was no line in Samberg. "Now, I laughed with the stunning and stunning exclusion of Les Moonves, here Big Bang Theory. Wait, it can not be correct, "Oh, if not These are we Intro, "Break out your tissues, because you want to masturbate for all". (Why Oh's masturbation joke was acceptable, but the director listened to the whole block of audio in the discourse? It's definitely a delay of five or ten seconds to cut the audio from one word and give it to the viewer, a bit of humor, rather than a bad word. we are only linking to mixing.) And if you're looking for emotional emphasis, the hosts come from commercial, yet still unlocking their Globe manually. I also made the distribution of birds flu to the people, "Feed the hungry celebrities", schtick, which has become an Academy Award. Oh and Samberg composed the fine chemistry, and I think that if they organize three or four prize spectacles, they would really hang out. This was definitely not an Anne Hathaway-James Franco redux.

Highlight some:

* Individual awards such as Scott Feinberg may know how to make a good word about the Golden Globes (or SAG Awards) as an Oscar-winning actress. Olivia Colmmen won the comedy side Your favorite He was ridiculous and charming and said: "Blimey!" and they call Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz "my boys" and they probably won an Oscar, until they won the Glenn Close drama Wife and the surprise was shocked and he was constantly stroking the women's stories to the screen, and he felt secure he'd be he won an Oscar. Both discourses were very good, and now we have to know what happens in the evening of Oscar.

* There was not much political television. Nobody said the word "Trump" all night. However, on behalf of Brad Simpson's approval The murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story as soon as you approach. After the show, it seemed part of the season, following the sequence of dark history, Simpson continued, "Hate and fear these forces are still with us. They tell us that we need to scare people that are different. They tell us that we should put on the walls around us. We have to offer a space for new voices to tell stories that are not told, face up in the streets, respect in love and practice love and empathy in our daily lives. "

* Idris Elba did not have a break with Taylor Swift, but I found her daughter's entry at the service of the Golden Globes Ambassadors, which was totally moving and memorable, just like the show's usual role. Miss Golden Globes.

* Many people seem to have loved the admission of Christian Bale – "Thank you Satan for giving me how to play the role of inspiration" – and while I was trying to get the 30 seconds I was still there. speech

* I think it's very hypocritical to say that Globo has to find a way to rationalize the show and say that Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph could see 20 minutes more. Amy Poehler's participation in almost any sale exhibition sale and this is no exception. Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney also had a stunning audition in this window where amazing oddball hosts were held before the presenters had hacked their lines.

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