Monday , January 24 2022

Golden Globes 2019: This is the star with us Chrissy Metz denying Alison Brie & # 39; b **** & # 39; calling the red carpet


The American actress Chrissy Metz criticized Alison Brie without realizing that Michoto Gold's red carpet did not notice her microphone, she still had something to do with it.

The These are we Star Facebook was interviewed in a live post on the social media page of the award ceremony, when blip happened. Apart from its appearance, Alison Brie was asked by the host to help her photograph the other side of the carpet.

As the camera is brie cut – who is the candidate for the Netflix series DISTIRA – Metz could hear: "It's a whore."

After the disturbances written on Twitter, Metz said the report "manufactured" said: "I love Alison and never talk, no one."

76. Hosted at the Golden Globe event Eve to die star Sandra Oh and Brooklyn Nine-NineAndy Samberg brought Emma Stone's generous apology.

In the afternoon, the best film and television awards have been won Green Book, Miss Mistress wonderful and Bohemia Rhapsody, unless it is the biggest prize of the event.

Here are the full list of winners.

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