Friday , March 31 2023

Goodale hints jail skyscraper programs can be changed – Red Deer Advocate


OTTAWA – Prison skull exchange programs support other aspects that would endanger their health and safety, says Ralph Goodale, Public Security Minister, on Tuesday.

The federal jail service has put in place programs in Ontario and New Brunswick organizations to reduce infectious diseases among prisoners.

This initiative, starting in January, is to reach all federal prisons, allowing prisoners to clear their needles to limit the transmission of hepatitis C and HIV.

Jason Godin, President of the Canadian Board of Trustees, says that the plan is in line with the principle of long-term tolerance policy with drugs, and prisoners are more dangerous for people who work in them.

Stopping the use of cells in the cells will increase the risk that the risks of the guards would increase, the risk of infection by wounds or needles, says unions. In similar programs in different European countries, it is not allowed to be included in cells, only in health-centered centers.

"We are trying to find other options that the government may have available," said Godin in a conversation. "We are not the supporters of the program, but at the same time, when we are on the road, we need to establish it as safely as possible."

Goodale said the Security Committee Committee of Home Affairs on Good Good Friday had a good deal last week, and the unity that wants to "fully trust" wants to respect its work.

"Work is critical and hard work," said Goodal. "Ensure that the UCCO's legal representatives respond as humane as possible."

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