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Google 2018 Gift Guide: Google phones, speakers, and Chromebooks


As Google has done for the third year, it's easier than ever to introduce or introduce an ecosystem, as a contributor and AI central experience. Our best products Google's gift manual comes in all categories, such as phones, best speakers, good accessories, and the best Chromebooks, and price ranges for treating this season's treatment or for treating others.


Google Home Hub

Quintessential Google

Google Home Hub is a quintessential summary of what the company intends to do with AI + Software + Hardware. Starting from the end, Home Hub is nice because small things are adorable. Enclosed in cloths, it offers you a full-screen 6-inch screen as long as you use Google Photos as an excellent photo frame. With Ambient EQ, Google's AI and software make a great job of replicating a printed image in lighting conditions.

It's a good loudspeaker to listen to listeners, and enjoys a more enjoyable experience of a fast YouTube video, especially cooking cooking.

Google Home Hub can be placed in any surface that has smart speaker, and the screen works well to offer useful visual views and prefer to listen.

Google Home Hub

Even if you're buying a Apple user, Google has done a great job of making a mobile device platform with great Google Home experience with iOS. In front of privacy, there is no camera to refuse this concern, and it is appropriate for the night desk.

Google Home Hub sells $ 149, but during the holiday season, $ 99 a bunch of stores is being offered. When it's convenient for local stores, the Google Store has two more color options (Aqua and Sand).

Where to buy Google Home Hub:


Google Home Mini

Smart first, loudspeaker second

In a win-win bonus and compact, Google Home Mini requires a speakerphone. Audio wizard is in a Home Hub series and better reflects how a device your answers are primarily part of your home audio system.

It gets great speed for success, but it's likely to pair with another Mini – audio synchronization – or Chromecast Audio. It's very comfortable, and you'll definitely get less than $ 49 that is sold this season.

Where to buy Google Home Mini:

Google Home Mini aqua


Chromecast and Chromecast audio

Bring your own speaker

* For most people, the Google speakerphone is an existing system that allows you to have your television set sound system or other home-based speakers. With Chromecast and Chromecast Audio, you can save money and just update your speakers version to be compatible with Google Assistant.

From Google Home or from your phone, the headset will already allow speakers to send audio and set the most important ones. The Assistant can access the ecosystem without any problems. Google Store discounts the pronounced Chromecast Audio for $ 15 this season.

When you buy Google Chromecast:


Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google by phone

You can hear the camera's praise in all conditions – as the name suggests – but Night Sight is black magic. This is an AI protection feature that everyone appreciates and instantly configures. In the meantime, on the other side of the device, the front front front of the wide angle will actually replace your car stick.

In the third year, Google made a beautiful pixel device. It's really nice with painted back glass. I definitely enjoyed the happiness that I feel at hand all the time. It is a powerful device with an excellent screen, especially for the nicknamed last year's nephews.

In the meantime, to get the best Android, you can squeeze Google Assistant and Google Lens. Google has optimized the interface quickly and easily, especially for iOS conversion. Pixel starts at $ 799 while Pixel 3 XL starts at $ 899.

Where to buy Google Pixel 3:


Google Pixel Stand

More than wireless charging

When you are charging wirelessly, you can tighten a wire to your phone during the day, it feels perfectly archaic. It's a simple way technology, but it's a very convenient and fast way to charge a technology product.

Pixel Stand does all this, but it has many other features in its pseudo-Google Home Hub. When Pixel 3 Pixel Stand is in standby, Google Photos can start automatically on a slide show and accept your search queries and support commands. In the meantime, the Sunrise worm adds your visual wakeup visual item to the front of the screen, before making your alert disappear. The cost is $ 79, but it's worth it.

Where to buy Google Pixel Stand:

Google Pixel Stand


Google Pixelbook

Laptop nicest ever used

Chromebooks now have shapes and sizes. Many people who use Chrome OS devices know notebooks with more than $ 300 inaccessible but are still operating the operating system. If you know or know about someone who uses Chrome OS, you'll get a Google / cloud-based OS experience with a Pixelbook.

Hardware is raw and built like a tank. The keys are made by sensitive runners and smooth palms make it look cool. In the meantime, gloriously large screens and glossy screens used on the board. As a Chromebook, Pixelbook will last for years and years before you notice performance performance.

That's it, it's expensive, and it's easy for most people to make the Chromebook 3-4 easy. $ 999 is not available to most people. However, at $ 250 + off, it's in the field of reason especially if you think it could be your only computer for 3-4 years. It is certainly a balance that covers the balance that can be achieved during this holiday season.

Where to buy Google Pixelbook:


Google Pixel Slate

Fun chromebook

As a new product category, Chromebook tablets can be your only machine. However, if your device's primary usage is, it's probably always better for you to always have the keyboard attached and you do not need to have additional accessories.

Pixel Slate remains a 12.3-inch screen consumer device. This is the most fascinating way to watch YouTube and movies, while browsing is wonderful and wide.

Gaming and Android also use large canvases. Again, if all this is being done with Pixel Slate, the Celeron variant level that will come with $ 599 and $ 699 will be enough.

Where to buy Google Pixel Slate:

Google Pixel Slate


Google Pixel USB-C earbuds

Stuffed stuffer

The first headphone headset will never be the same. Always a couple of tearing backs begin or lose. This year, Google has built-in headphone thinking with headphones that are usable with $ 30 Pixel USB-C headphones.

Similar to Pixel Bud, headphones are like plastic blocks like Apple's EarPods and have great adjustments to keep you in your ear. However, the best part is the control pill to adjust the volume, play / pause the audio and, of course, the initial assistant. They work very well with USB devices, including phones and laptops.

Where to buy Google Pixel USB-C earbuds

Google headphones

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