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Google apparently confirms that Android Q is a complete system mode that will be Dark Mode


It's not secret that Google continues to make steady strides in its darkest Android apps. In the past year, YouTube, Phone, Contacts, Messages, Pixel launcher, Google News, Maps have seen some parts of the app and more match issues, less resilience and compatibility. After Android Pie would bring a dark way to the system, to avoid being disappointed, everyone was reasonably optimistic that it would be "last". We were sure 90% sure, but we did not want to get our expectations. Now, we dream more, so let's say it can be sure of 95%.

In a post published by Chromium Bug Tracker – Google (Lukasz Zbylut) says:

Dark mode is a Q accepted function […] All preloaded applications of the Q group accept a dark way of course. To shut the dark way, we need all the UI elements in the thematic darkness in May 2019.

It has been emphasized that the Chrome team should certify browser settings for Dark Mode and edit UI items on this topic (omnibox, overflow menu, tab modifier, etc.). He also said Dark Mode will be the main setting below: Settings -> Display -> Dark mode Q. (Although he later stated Screen -> NightMode, so we do not know which configuration it will be).

There are several links to internal Google documents that I can not access, but it shows that the dark way is a serious commitment to Android HQ. In the end, mention should be made of changing the uploaded content in Chrome (read: hiding the web pages you are browsing) is not part of this project, but it may look later.

The only problem here is that this Chromium topic is limited to October 31 and has not happened much. The plan may have changed. If Google does not always see that it could be able to change its chronology, all Apps would be prepared for Dark Mode. The width and width of the system can be seen from the start of the first developers' forecasts, or perhaps until Q's public release is expected. Then we'll have to wait if the plans change. But what is certain is itshappening.gif; If not yet, then soon.

Awesome hula hooping Android Q artsy credit: Heroine of our heroine image, Ryne Hager.

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