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Google Assistant gets "Pretty Please" and more

Following some helpful family updates, Google adds to the new Assistant features, including Waiting for "Pretty Please".

As early as Google I / O 2018 was announced, Pretty Please setting up will be accessed to enabled enabled devices. All voice-paired users should work on speakers, screens and mobile phones.

If you include phrases like "Please" and "Thanks", the Contributor will respond to this kind, thanking you.

Pretty Please gif

You can also create a gift list with the help list. "Hey Google, create a gift list" or "use opera gifts in my gift list" with phrases that allow users to easily create and manage their lists. Shopping lists and other listings also work.

Additionally, Keyword Blog confirms that Google works to add support to third-party applications, such as, Bring! and Todoist. The latest Google apps attempts were that the company was adding this feature.

As previously announced, users can also talk with Santa. Just say "Hey Google, call Santa" and sit down as fun. Google will dial it on the North Pole and Santa will help you write a Christmas jingle.

In the end, the assistant is getting some new features of reading and singing. You can invite your friends to read a story, including classic holidays, Disney's "Mickey's Christmas Carol" and more.

Alternatively, if you have Play Music subscribed and you have Assistant-powered smart, synced letters appear on the screen.

In the end, screen savers get nice features such as support for Nest Kaixo videos, radio broadcasts and Google Photos sharing.

It seems that the features appear as part of an on-side server update. In some cases, it might not work well for you. In my case, he called Santa worked, but he did not create a gift guide. Besides, the assistant was not as friendly as me.

Source: Google Via: Verge, Android Police

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