Wednesday , October 20 2021

Google Chrome wants to seize the back button


Google Chrome wants to seize the back button


Is the back button ever a webpage that does not work? For example, press "back" to go back, but at the end of the page you start. The Chromium source (first seen by 9t5Google) commits to the curbing of curious websites on this website, blocking the "history manipulation" of websites. The Command reads: "Entries added to the back / forward list are flagged as user invisible after the back button invitations."

The back button retreats through your Web History, and using the close button is one of the most commonly used websites. This is Very bad If you are a web designer shade, and sites have been confused with the back button adding posts to your Web History. It is not difficult to upload images for redirects from search results, which immediately redirects to You would be able to store it in your history store on two pages, for example, you would send "back" from to, this would redirect you and add disturbing entries from the history. This will not be impossible (the back button may be pressed twice, it may work twice), but this makes it difficult to escape, the final goal.

In order to stop this type of handling of history, the history history report will get a flag without a "skip", which means that the back button does not neglect when browsing the history order. It promises that Google still has to give some types of "pruning logic" to declare a website as a way to skip it, but it is probably something that can be done with the timestamp. Zero zero passed on this redirect page, so it's not a good history entry.

This function has been a bug report for two years, but, actively committed to what is going on, we'll be able to open it soon to open the night of Chrome in Canary.

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