The "best" time of the season is essential, although our most sought after series have called us the best 2018 products. Google also mentions the most popular content that suits the Play Store, including best apps, games, movies, etc. This year's "Favorite Fan & # 39; There's a new category called, like you voted with you.

You can see the categories below and the main winners, including the granular list of main Google Play Awards, such as & # 39; Most entertaining & # 39; The app and Best Hidden Gem & # 39; – Perfect if you are looking for new apps. squeeze your teeth

It is not surprising that PUBG's "User Selection" and the best prize to win the best game, "Avengers: Infinity War" predictive award. It's good to go to the Google application for the award-winning resource for drop-down education / language learning resources. See the list of major awards below and get good tips for seeing, reading, or listening.