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Gossip: Pogba laughed at Mourinho, £ 31.1m Spurs update


Date published: Wednesday 5th December 2018 9:05

That's it Paul Pogbaeh? It's the subject of a real cold-water conversation, right? A good faith hot topic. All guys talk.

Juventus sports director Fabio Paratici is among those. The Italians may spend some time in the future to return to Turkey potentially.

Solar quote Paratici Juventus said he was "playing" to bet Manchester United midfielder. But we're saying "we've discussed a lot," not so much as before, to talk about what Juventus wants to sign.

However, Paratici violated the movement in the same interview. "We have been a great player before and we like him, but he plays Manchester United".

Then all the rest are nice:

Juventus chief acknowledges the club's acceptance of Paul Pogba as the future of Man Utd's "& # 39; The Sun.

Juventus's boss reveals that Paul Pogba's return to Torini is open & # 39; – Irish Independent.

"Juventus confirms transfer of interest from Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba" – Manchester Evening News.

It has no place.

In the other Pogba newsgroups, even more charming rooms, Jose Mourinho asked him calmly.

French revealed something snipe After United Manager Brand name "virus" post-Southampton dressing down. The Times has announced that Pogba "let no one pass, because its tactics of leadership do not allow many players to move freely."

The sun relaxed a little less and it was a little while. Neil Custis explicitly says that Pogba laughed at the attack and did not have to be a United Kingdom. It does not have quotes, and Pogba does not have more information about what he has said or done. Paul Pogba says that Jose Mourinho says that he will continue to refuse Man Utd's problems.

There are no & # 39; high-source & # 39; budget too. At least something created, Neil.

The amazing goals, the incredible pass and the Benjamin Pavard winners of the World Championship are really tightening against Stuttgart and the Bundesliga fall into a battle. Liverpool is linked to the French international before, and has made an appearance on the pillars of the gossip around the world.

According to Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Bayern Munich is 22 years old. Napoli and Tottenham are interested in a player with a clause of £ 31.1 million. Once again, dirty is cheap.

Stuttgart coach Markus Weinzierl believes that Pavard would "rank" in the future of Bayern. President Bayern Uli Hoeness says "it's a player that interests us." And the transfer becomes happy the other turn …

What's worth it, Tottenham really needs to go. He returned to the right, where Kieran Trippier it was bad and Serge Aurier is not much better.

There's nothing more. Go.

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