Tuesday , January 25 2022

Government extinguishes at the American Astronomy Conference Damper


The SOFIA telescope, pictured, was supposed to take part in a conference. This will not happen, as a result of the extinction of the government.
Photo: NASA / Jim Ross

U.S. As the government extinguishes the shutdown, scientists first see the consequences of this closure.

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) estimates that 300 to 450 people, or registered 10 to 15 percent, could not attend the Seattle conference lecture on astronomy this week, although this number may be a low estimate. Scientists have been standing up for the last time in discussions by furloughed colleagues and the abolition of major NASA-led sessions.

"Sadness is sensitive to many of our colleagues here that we do not talk about these things," says John O & # 39; Meara, W.M. Keck Observatory is already in Hawaii, said Gizmodo. "We are all trying to speak, reducing the quality of the event."

The government has left 22 December, as President Trump has not signed any bill of credit for a border murder. It is not essential in organizations financed by employee financing. This means that the NASA staff, for example, should not go to their jobs, participating in the AAS conference.

NASA scientists who have not heard of Gizmodo, to make presentations for a lot of different speakers; With the cancellation of NASA experiments, the SOFIA telescope, the Boeing 747, is an aerial viewpoint; and during the conference the general cloud. The meeting was the first opportunity of the group behind TESS exoplanet hunting mission to announce the broadest scientific community to spread scientific results, but many scientists furloughed.

O & # 39; Meara talked about the LUVOIR telescope concept to cover two NASA two weeks of cooperation. Although he could give one of the other sessions of an assistant, he said he was covering the major engineer at NASA's Matt Bolcar.

"I'm not the LUVOIR engineer," said O & # 39; Meara. "It's strange to speak, but we need to get them out."

The sources say the AAS and astronomers have boosted that the conference is running smoothly and that it continues below the surface. The AAS made efforts to complete its plenary sessions, and the authors were allowed to submit their investigations by authors, while the authors could be the first author. Subscribers will create online posters and there will be some sessions later. The NASA Town Hall, in the best speeches for conferences, was abolished.

"On the cover, it will be fine," said Jessie Christiansen, NASA Exoplanet Archive, deputy scientist at the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute and director of the California Technology Institute, said Gizmodo. "It's just a shame. The season was really disappointing, so he told people they worked hard." The conferences are an important time for astronomers to plan, plan and share results, this year could not happen.

AAS Executive Kevin Marvel has made a statement on behalf of the organization:

Without a doubt, hard-working scientists who want to explore and understand hard-working scientists and share their results with their peers in the name of the Universal University are basically undergoing political prevention. This week the Chinese government buries a Mars vehicle and the US sends a probe to the farthest object that humanity is visiting, scientists are continuing to stop attending all levels of the race to participate in our meeting. In practice, our community helps our partners to share and unite each other. Nowadays, we have to juggle the schedules, cover the sessions that are lacking and the session chairs are missing, how to fill in the walls of our walls and what we have not done with exhibitions and keep the box in the warehouse. meeting This shutdown rocks us as an astronomy science organization, and will have unknown impacts on the progress of discovery of astronomy. The problems that all the hopes reveal are resolved quickly.

Shadows have also caused astronomy over science. Last week, Earther reportedly shut down the fact that scientists prevented them from attending higher-level lectures around the world.

Researchers are professionally involved in not receiving congresses and not paying personal payments. Afterwards, there is an expense of the researchers who spend time and money collecting and collecting their efforts to eliminate these waste.

In the meantime, it seems a little progress, when the partial shutdown is over.

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