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Grewal says in a video statement, he returns millions of debt, resigning his resignation


Raj Grewal video frame.

Raj Grewal, at the Freedom Mass in the Parliament, played at Ottawa casino games frequently and in high-level games, led police investigations, shook the weekend's silence on Friday, earning millions of dollars, all of which has been paid and traced.

For a video statement in 11 minutes, Mr. Gregh said the card game started playing blackjack in 2016 Quebec's Casino connected to the hotel that was living in Lac-Leamy, Ottawa.

Raj Grewal, in a video statement released by The Globe and Mail, speaks of the "agonizing time" of the Liberal MP, which describes the game as a mental health problem.

This custom, borrowed on millions, "can only be attributed to friends and family to keep the game fuel," Mr. Grewal said last week, as MP, as a Brampton East horseman. In his statement, he said that he will set the decision until January.

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All loans were said to be in the form of a check, and the debts were returned. He asked his family for forgiveness, saying "protected" [him] out "

"This has nothing to do with anything wrong, except to feed my addiction," said Mr. Grewal, a 33-year-old lawyer.

On the 22nd, Mr. Gregh announced he resigned as "boss and physician for personal reasons" on Facebook. The next day, The Globe and Mail informed them that their game and money had a great deal of profit. Warning signs with the Financial Transaction and Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC), regulator controlled by large transactions. The sources say that The Globe RCMP study focuses on the origin of the money raised by Mr. Grewal. Fountains know about the probe directly and give anonymity to discuss confidential information.

On Friday, Mr. Grewal has said "all loans and refunds are transparent and irreversible … My sins are not considered corrupting and inappropriate, they suffer from human frailty."

He also announced resignation through "misappropriated" Facebook. They decided to wait until January to make a lasting decision, and he was looking for help with the game's commitment.

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On June 20 at a meeting, Canadian Finance Annette Ryan asked: "It would be a scenario that would appear to be a financial institution that thinks of a suspicious transaction of FINTRAC, would launch a FINTRAC investigation, but the individual account holder would never know what happens what was he doing? "

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In his statement, Mr. Grewal said that his questions are based on the Parliamentary Library and its staff. "My interruption of motivation could not be possible or that FINTRAC was aware that I had the opportunity to study the reality and to be completely out of context."

On November 27, The Globe published the story, as Mr Gregh and his wife were aware of two Toronto counties, they bought $ 1.3 million in January. On Friday, they have only one unit and they have purchased $ 1.4 million. They had a $ 1 million mortgage, he said, not $ 1.5 million in the public record.

Mr. Grewal did not answer about the statements sent through the family spokesman.

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