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Grimes Shares "Power Appreciate" Song New: Listen

Phew, it's been a Grimes year. Outside of the cast, he released almost any music in 2018, but still got titles. The relationship between the drama of the future and the relationship with Elon Musk technology, somehow, was diverted by the Wild Banks of Aecha, a rolling coaster! And Claire Boucher's new musicians have been promised to the back of the following discounts: excuse, C– The first significant material since 2015 Arteko AngelsThat year was Stereogum's # 1 record.

There were several teasers along the way. As of June, he released two new avenues for their social networks and another new song, "That's What The Drugs Are For", in Apple's commercial. However, floods began shaking this week when Grimes consolidated plans to release a new song today. This is the first song we are listening to on the next fifth album.

Hana Pestle's "Next We Appreciate" Power Hannah, who has been in the Grimes orbit, has been traveling with her and Lana Del Rey for a few summer. Five minutes and a half minutes Nine Inch Nails-style guitars and background guilds. It changes between dreamers and nightmares. "The World's Loyalty Commitment / The Most Powerful Computer / Simulation is the Future," Grimes sings at one point.

According to a press release, the song was inspired by Moranbong's North Korean girls. Kim Jong-Un was a member of the team. The song describes the song as follows:

& Take the power & # 39; It is written from Pro-A.I. Girl Group Propaganda machine song, dance, sex and fashion that Goodwill Artificial Intelligence on the way (whether you want it or not). Simply, when listening to this song, you will see that the main AI leaders of the future will accept your message and delete your children.

Listen below.

"We value private" 4AD out.

CREDIT: Eli Russell Linnetz

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