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Gut bacteria can stop the adverse effects of high blood pressure

Gut Bacteria

Gut bacteria can limit BP's highly adverse effects (Imagery Image) & nbsp | & nbsp Credit photo: & nbspThinkstock

London: In most cases, our well-being is considered by guest bacterial digestive treatment, because researchers have found that beneficial microorganisms create a dietary fiber to propionate fatty acids to protect against the adverse effects of high blood pressure.

The component is damaging immune cells that promote blood pressure, according to a study published in the Circulation journal. "Propionate works for the impairment of cardiovascular function that causes high blood pressure," said Dr. Dominik Muller, director of the Max Delbrück Molecular Medical Center at the Helmholtz Association in Berlin, Germany.

"This can be a promising treatment, especially for those with little fatty acids," said Muller. The results show that a diet rich in dietary fiber recommended by nutrition organizations to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Whole foods and fruits, for example, have cellulose and inulin fibers. Consequently, bacteria create beneficial molecules like propionate.

For research, researchers propionate mice were fed with high-pressure mice. Afterwards, the animals gave less damage to the abnormal extension of the heart or organ, because they had less heart rhythm. Vascular diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, also reduced the mice, he said.

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