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Habs Room: Canadiens loses video review and Avalanchera game


Canadiens goalkeeper Carey Price wins Colorado Solva's Gabriel Landeskog goal winner at the Pepsi Center in Denver (19 December 2018) in the third season of the NHL game.

David Zalubowski / Associated Press

DENVER – Canadiens coach Claude Julien has difficulties in getting to the NHL situation room with interference to decision making.

It's not alone.

Kanadiens lost 2-1 at Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday at Pepsi Center, and Gabriel Landeskog got 35 seconds in 35 seconds in third place against Carey Price, then banged in the midfielder.

Julien asked for a coach's challenge for interference for goalkeepers, but there was a verdict about ice and Avalanche was hanging out in the game. Mikko Rantanen also won the Avalanche, Brendan Gallager played with Canadiens, eight goals in the group and the advantage of 0-25.

"It's 50-50 now," Julien said after a video review. "We all know that. Every time we make a call, we know that this coin is getting tricky and we do not know how to call it.

"What we saw the initial blows were Landeskog and our goalkeepers, which would not have frozen the plot puck," added Julien. "We looked at the second and our boy (Jonathan Drouin back-checker) told us our goaltender even more, after the original blow. Therefore, our goal is not in accordance with the announcement, which is why I accept that for this reason we believed that it was a legitimate reason."

The first goal of Avalanche Priced Price worsened when Shea Weber tried to go through her puck during her whirlwind, but Nathan MacKinnon retired and started up in Rantanan.

"I gave it to the other boy," he said when asked what happened to Price. "I had more rooms than I thought, but of course not."

Canadiens won by 4-0 when Boston Bruins belligerently beat Bell Center.

"It was better at night, no doubt," said Julien. "The first five minutes are a bit of a bit, but then we've got our game. The second time was good, even the third time, but we did some improvement in scoring opportunities and inside, and perhaps some pucks to find ways to jump. In general, as a team, we could do a bit more, we could have helped. "

The Gallagher power-play goal scored by the deflection of Jeff Petry's score – Canadiens' place was bright, but they did not get three more podium finishes. Canadiens ranked 30th in the NHL power play, a 12.4% success rate. Chicago's worst team is at 12.0.

"It was good," said Julien, finally, to achieve the goal of power. "But there were other powers that were once again going back to fight again, so it remains a frustrating part, but we're doing a job and we need to join it. We have no other choice."

Canadiens will go to Arizona and then Coyotes and Alex Galchenyuk will play the team tonight (9 p.m., TSN2, RDS, TSN 690 radio).

"We need to find ways to win games," Gallagher said. "We are in the 1st game on the road for the third time, we can not give it a quick one – it's all about the hockey – there are important changes, we're on the back, it was a great game, it was a different way of getting a goal and it was a difference in the game.

"We have competed, but we have to find ways to win free games," added Gallagher. "That's all the league. That's the difference between team outs and non-teams. You need to find ways to win these games. We failed at night."

The winner of the avalanche's goal and video review, Gallagher said: "At any moment you can leave it, a coin is dumped at this point. Tonight he went against us."

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