Monday , August 8 2022

Harry comes to the suburbs Meghan


LONDON – Like many parents before, Prince Harry and his wife move to the Meghan suburbs before their first birth.

The official said Saturday that Harry and Meghan, the Duchess Sussex, at the Kensington Palace in London center Frogmore Cottage, due to Windsor Castle, will start next year.

The couple awaits the first baby in the spring of the couple's Windsor Castle in May. Windsor is about 20 miles (32 km) west of central London.

The palace's statement said that "Windsor is a special place for treasury kings, and it's a great place to be an official residence."

Windsor Castle is also one of the Queen Elizabeth II homes. Located in the country of horse, where younger people are young, it is well known that the castle of Buckingham Palace palace and its surroundings prefer to be the official residence in central London.

Harry and Meghan live in the Nottingham rural house at the Kensington Palace, since the commitment made last year. They will also remain at the Kensington Palace, Prince William and his wife Kate.

The move means William and Harry are not close to each other if Harry starts with his family.

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